Friday, July 29, 2011

Written in the stars [Part 2]

I sat there. It was so dark. Not even the faintest of light I saw.

Yesterday was my birthday. I saw colors of prayers racing towards my God. Whether He answered it or not, it was up to Him. Prayers from my special friend I did not see, physically, nor hear, but I knew He will receive prayers from that friend. A far friend. Insya Allah. That friend gave me pearls of wisdom, yet never I heard from that person that night of my birthday. I did not mind. In the end, we ended with my prayer so both of us would survive. Amin. 

Here again I sat. Alone. Moment of solitude. At near-end of the universe I knew. I saw at my horizon of sight, a bright train of light. The train, it was full with blessings and rahmah. I had seen that train few times before in my life. Could not even remember how beautiful it was. The train still, it was a bit far. Not yet to arrive at my world. In few days I guessed.

The train rushed at full velocity towards my world. It was like the train itself was eager to meet its destination. It traveled on a long magnificent rail. Rail in which every thing in my world took place. Even me, and my other friends and other creation of His, almost all of them were subjected to these two-entities rail. Rail which consists of time and space. Some other than us did not need this kind of rail to move in this world. Some were subjected to one entity only, either space or time only, and some were subjected to none of these entities. These two entities carried that bright train leading it to my world. It seemed to me it will be a rain of blessings from my God when that train arrived at my world.
I was still here. Sat down alone. Took my 'sejadah' of repentance, wore my cloak of humility, covered my head with a fez full of remorse and regret. Took off my luxury attire of confusion, pride, and lie. Threw it away, and promised to myself to never wear that again. And I prayed. So I could survive.

"I hope.. I really hope that I could hitch that ride back to my world..a meaningful ride back to my world. A ride on the train of Ramadhan..Amin."

Written in the stars
A million miles away
A message to the main
Seasons come and go
But I will never change
And I am on my way

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