Sunday, August 8, 2010

What Tae-Kwon Do made me



I walked, while my eyes still on the stage. Amazing. These artists made the performance, to raise funds for the Palestinians. Allah really arranged this. First, Christians wanted to use Allah in their Bible - that united Muslims a bit. Then this. I thought; cool. Suddenly.. "Eh, ko Asip eh?". I looked. "Yelah.. Allah! Asip..lama tak nampak!" he hugged me. Still in confusion I looked at him again. He's Muhsin. Ya, I remembered. I hugged him back. Who's he? He's my team mate - Demo team. As both of us got our black belts in the same time, we are absorbed by our sir Dwen in the same demo team. But, that was years ago. Still, I missed being kicked till I fell, being punched at my face, being back-kicked until I couldn't barely breath, being able to raise my feet doing high-jump reverse turning kick, my legs being stretched till I scream, and doing team-pattern in which I screwed their motions - I paused because I was amused. =.= I miss it.

Yet, something had happened - in which it turned my whole life 180 degree. Gained one happiness, loss another.

Haha. I just wanted to share what Tae Kwon Do made me.
Always look straight at your opponent. I made a mistake like this in a tournament, I ended up barely unable to breath when he kicked like heck to my chest.

The Philosophy of Tae Kwon Do is actually deep enough. I only configured it bit by bit after years leaving it. Do martial art, it teaches you to be a good person :)

1. Whenever I was contained, or angry or upset, I used TKD as my cooling medium. I performed patterns till I got tired. Within each punch and kick, thrust and fast-motion maneuvers, I imagined them released my unstable emotion. Whenever I breathed, I circulated in positive energy - out negative energy. I was blessed - my sir is a devoted Muslim. We began our classes with du'a also ended with it. He kept reciting verse that described about how small numbers can defeat large numbers. TKD helped me to contain my anger.
I once can jump over three teenagers. Now, not even a fat cow =.=

2. TKD taught me how to deal with people. While in (1), the effects may still not effective anymore because I have left TKD 3 years ago, yet this effect still lasts. Especially in debating, I don't know how to describe it but I managed to have it in my mind, I treated my opponents the same way. Also, how to play facts, to find weaknesses, although I chose not to focus in debating, but I really see it in my mind the fusion of what I have learned in TKD and debating.
In TKDO, you got three marks for that. No attacks below belt. Penalty. He's reverse jumping I guess.

3. My reflexes. This is the most obvious I thing(mood super poyo - highest point of the system, 'poyo'tential energy is the highest). I have some traumas surrounding me. Still, after all these years. Pathetic. I can't still forget it completely. Whenever someone tries to do something, my hands and legs still work well. Surprisingly, they move without I'm deciding. To pinch my nose, to 'cubit' my parts of body, to snap me - my body still succeed in dodging most of this without I'm deciding. Some even got back-kicked whenever they try to reach the forbidden parts. I met a gay at Giant - he got kicked for trying to touch my forbidden parts. Alhamdulillah, for the time being my skills are still with me - a little =.=
I got kicked like this by my senior. Bleed my nose. I just met him today at Ansar during our Qiam Jama'ie. Hehe. Got third place in that tournament.

Sweet memories - I skipped classes for demo, we planned scenes, we broke boards, we 'jalan-jalan' to Sekolah Islam in Selangor. I even taught a class at PERNEC. Really miss it. We slept at hotel, at night we went for swimming, built human pyramid. We made friends. When we met, we know both of us had kicked each others' more than once. I almost burst by only seeing these pictures. Allah..

But, after years..

1. I once had gone into a rampage mode. Until now, I am dearly sorry and still regretting about it.
2. Now, I'm struggling to maintain a healthy life. When I was in TKD, biiznillah - my low-blood pressure was OK, but now, it is deteriorating. Allah...

Pattern - such a beautiful way of expressing your gratitude to Allah. It's beautiful. It's an insurmountable rush of awe. To know the artist, know his art. He's doing Gabae I think.

For that, my heart, mind and body yearn for a martial art. I have found one - in which it teaches me to utilize aura and energy. And it is just so cool that you can throw off people if their energy is also sufficient for you to repel them. And just last week my physics lecturer told us about a convention she went where they proved the existence of this energy. And aww... it really has urged me to immediately reschedule my schedule. But how? I got my enrichment classes of comparative religion Thursday night - the 'seni' also taught the same night at Puchong. Hmm.. Priority.

Ramadhan is coming. Oh, I miss it.

Allahumma Barik Lana fi Sya'ban, wa ballighna Ramadhan :) =) =) =)


  1. iyap. selamat menyambut Ramadhan. Moga Allah byr pahala sbar dgn madam menyaman.

  2. wallaweh dah lama sangat ke tak ber'seni'? aku dah lupa banyak ni sip. susah kalau banyak gangguan. entah berkembang lagi ke tak cj aku ni. nanti kau ajar aku ye

  3. lama kot bang..
    tangan ni pon dah menggatal je..
    dah bukak..
    haha,,tulah, weh, ko free bile?
    ingat nk ajak jadi AJK explorace. Langkawi kot tahunni.. boleh singgah HM bwk kapatebang skali..

  4. aku tak pernah tahu bila aku free sip. hehe tengok la kalau aku habis training awal boleh join :D

  5. insya ALLAH..

    aku rindu zaman dulu2.. serius..


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