I seek to do charity in every possible way with my for-the-time-being limited resource and circle of influence. I seek to do charity to the homeless, to the poor, to animals, to the illiterate, to the needy, and to everyone. I seek to do charity to people who does not know about Islam by sharing my beautiful religion with them, and invite them to the truth. I've found along my journey a few friends who want to make a serious change in 10 years from now, who wish to build charity centre, open gym for the poor, shelter for the homeless and animal rescue centre. Tag me along with your initiative if you feel you want to make a change also, I want to be a part of it. May Allah bless.

It's my life. I need it. 'الدعوة سثسيروا بنا او بغيرنا' - Dakwah tetap akan berjalan, dengan kita atau tanpa kita. It's where I find my happiness. It's where I find the meaning in my ta'abbud to Allah, the meaning in following my prophet's Sunnah, and the meaning in mujahadah li nafsi. It's where I reflect upon myself, nurture
my love towards my family, deepening my knowledge in Islam and Al Quran, and where I have the strength to maintain my mutabaah amal. It's where I work as hard as possible to win people's heart so I can invite them to Islam, practice Islam, and dedicate our lives to Islam. Simply, it's my life now. And I hope, till the day I die. Insya Allah.

It's a vast field of knowledge. Known as the queen of science, it's territory encompasses from the largest objects like galaxy, superclusters, and multiverses to the smallest things such as the quarks, hidden dimensions, and baby black holes. It's simple, elegant, and beautiful!

Numbers govern the laws around us. It has been here the whole time, and we're discovering its beauty every day. I don't know why, I just like immersing myself in numbers.

Music is inspiring. Music brings meaning. Let's spread peaceful music to the world. Music that brings good message and value. I'm against music that spread hatred, negative messages, and overly-perceived freedom that leads to alcohol, drugs, free sex, trance, and other destructive elements.

My first time seeing a psychologist, she told me that I have a very high observational skill when it comes to people and very sensitive to change in people's behavior. Most of the time, I choose to ignore what I noticed, as I don't know how to deal with the information, or it is just unnecessary. I read books on behavioral analysis. I read books on body languages. I read books on criminology and collective consciousness. I don't know why, but I love to seek explanation why certain people act certain way. I'm neither an expert nor a student, but I'm open to any discussion. My current personal study case, is the relationship between DNA, environmental factor and the tendency to act based on the preference of DNA.

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