Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Picturesque 3 - Of B-2 Spirit and MQ-9 Reaper


In our life, when we seem to be drifting away from our cause of life, Allah reminds us. Sometimes, with a very simple reminder. It's not delusional, your heart can verify it for you. Only you know when the reminder comes. It happened to me, when I was watching 'Skyline'. An epic scene took over my heart for a while. A very deep reminder. Wake up! Before the real story starts, let me tell you a little bit about something. As an Ikhwah had reminded me, we need to know everything about something, and something about everything.

B-2 Spirit
This unique and 'stealth' plane is a bomber. She is known as 'Stealth Bomber'. The bomber's stealth comes from a combination of reduced acoustic, infrared, visual and radar signatures, making it difficult for opposition defenses to detect, track and engage the aircraft. She can penetrate even the densest anti-aircraft defenses and in the same time deploy a large numbers of bombs - conventional and nuclear - to destroy the most defended targets, Biiznillah. Why? She moves at maximum 972 km/h in air and in the same time she can make herself technically invisible to radars and detectors. If Marine Sniper leads the foot army, Abram tank leads the vehicle, this elegant bird conquers the sky. 
Her engines are buried in her wings. Source
She has 52 meter wingspan to protect her sophisticated radar absorbent materials and coatings. Source
She can carry 80 bombs of conventional or 16's of nuke. Source
How I wish this technology be in the right hand. It's so sad to see this beautiful bird kills more citizens than soldiers :(

MQ-9 Reaper
This aircraft is a UAV. Unmanned Air Vehicle. She is more known as Predator. This drone has no pilot in the plane. You can control this drone from a station. This drone is very-very useful. She carries the duty of surveillance, intelligence, and eliminating targets air and ground. This small drone brings with her during flights few powerful sensors including thermal imaging and can stay for 14 hours in the air with full munitions, and 42 hours without. This drone can be a very persistent and dangerous hunter as it can fire air-to-air deadly missiles, and also air-to-ground missiles - plus this drone eliminates most human errors as the controller of the drone can be changed at the Ground Control Station.
If a pilot didn't pass the sight test, he can be in this squad. :) Source
The most expensive aircraft toy ever made. Toy means without the missile. Source
He who shoots and run, lives to shoot another day. Source
And sadly still, this drone isn't yet in the right hand, and right now, they are killing hundreds and thousands of people with this thing. So sad :(

So, the climax. Aha.. While I was watching, this scene, that I'm about to show you, somehow I felt that I want to be the pilot one day. The unknown one. Am I fantasizing? Oh yes.. But, I want to be like that pilot. I want, and I want. And I pray to Allah, hope I will be given the opportunity. The reminder? That's just between me and Allah la.. :) Sit back and watch. And pray for me. Thanks! 

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