Sunday, February 27, 2011

One step ahead


Just this week, I learned something. That tarbiyah and dakwah do not only have softness and gentleness, because at one point, hardness and strictness are significant.

Maybe, maybe because at this point, we are like soldiers. We have company of our own, and we have responsibility, and when we fail, we put opportunities of saving others' life at stake.

At this point, it is not only about ourself. And it is not about we TRY to invite others. We are trained in and out, and when we fail, we have to face consequences.

It is time for me to wake up, the time is over for me, that when I make mistakes, I will be having a 'soft and gentle' heart-to-heart talk. Not at all

This time, when I fail, I will be facing a harder consequence. But, nonetheless, this level strikes me with its seriousness. And I realize, that what I choose to be doing and to dedicate myself for, is not optional for me anymore. And Insya Allah, I will be more ready for this.

Because at this point, logically it is impossible for me just to walk away after what I have learned, and known, and been through. And this 'long-life dedication' is really serious. We choose to carry something noble despite our own weaknesses and mistakes, and we do not make petty excuses of not doing this, and therefore, we need to be really serious.

Serious does not mean fanatic. And Alhamdulillah, I am trained to digest this thing really well. Wallahu a'lam.

At different hand, it becomes different. Knowledge is power.
p/s 1 : Doakan mereka yang di Libya. Mercenaries dah tembak berpuluh nyawa, dan tentera dah mula bersatu dengan demonstrator. 

p/s 2 : 'Dia' ada kata, Kelantan bina dua masjid je dalam dua puluh tahun. As a Kelantanese, rasa tercabar. Tapi, relaks dulu. Tengok apa jadi. Dah tengok molek-molek pun, saya dapati dia punya perkataan is 'what the heck' dan 'kepala lutut'. Ini tarbiyah Mashitah ke ni? Jawab. =.=

p/s 3 : Esok hari baru.

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