Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I remind the three numbers each time I press my calculator.
Sometimes, you need motivation and inspiration to excel and to succeed.

Once in a blue moon, you have to be punished too.

Even when you accidentally made mistake, unintentionally, slipped, be it.

So, be it. I have been punished. Extend and tighten.

I accept, thanks. Botol air? :)


Rumi said,
I went to the temple to find God, I did not find Him there,

I went to the church, He was not there too,

I went to the mosque, I did not find Him,

I looked into my heart, He was there.

p/s 1 : my friend just invited me into KDU Dota Group..  Guess need to do more practice eh, baru boleh serius gaming. haha. ini serius ni. (muka bersungguh).

p/s 2 : just thinking about being active in basketball. perhaps. i just need to play, but i fear i don't have time for that. hours per week - Physics 6 hours, Pure Maths and Stats 6 hours, Further Math Pure and Stats 7 hours, Economics 5 hours, Thinking Skills 2 hours, MPW 6 hours. All of it equals to 32 hours. =.=

p/s 3 : need to earn more money. money. need to buy laptop and etc. eceh, kebutuhan studi bak kata orang Indon.

p/s 4 : my assignment group is a 1Malaysia group. the first time in KDU my lecturer said. got Malay, Chinese, Indian, and Sikh..anyone can challenge?

p/s 5 : in the midst of re-structuring something in my school and batch. moga Allah permudahkan.
My daily routine..haha


    hehe :)

  2. syazana - amin. syukran nti. emm, belum..i find it is a way untuk bdakwah..ha. harapnya pengasas tu boleh ikut usrah akhir tahun nnt..amin..

  3. best jugak kalau dapat. tak beli lagi ni :)

  4. x cakap pape eh. tanya je.. :)


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