Thursday, March 3, 2011

Welcome to Upendi.


An attempt to describe Upendi from my perspective.

*Upendi. For those who don't know what does Upendi mean, you'll understand by the time you read this post, insya Allah.

Upendi can be a place. A place where when you arrive, you'll feel happy. Calm and welcomed. A place, where you will feel tranquil when nobody is there. A place where when someone is there, the feeling is magnified. Such a magnitude.

Upendi can be a group of friends. Whether you have known them for years, or for days, they will still treat you as close and nice as possible. You meet them, they hug you. You look worried, they ask things about you and how you are doing. Even when you are alone on the verge of doing sins, they will text you and remind you. At 4 in the morning when you go to the toilet, you'll see messages reminding you. You can count on them on whatever things, and they will always be for you whenever you want some advice.

Upendi can be your parents. Upendi is there for sure, when your mum voluntarily want to help you wrap some birthday gifts and presents, and when you voluntarily buy her a slice of Secret Recipe to thank her. When you can share almost everything with your mum, and when you can look upon your dad as your personal hero - Upendi is blossoming in your heart. Well, Alhamdulillah, I thank Allah for blessing me a very supportive yet strict mother. And a very experienced daddy, he had taught a lot in my life.

Upendi can also be your siblings. Today, I ask my youngest brother Saif a question. A question that I have been asking for almost everyday since they(Ayaz and Saif) could talk. "Saif, sayang abang Asif tak?". He says "Yelah". Then I ask "Kenapa?". Usually he will say "Tak tahu..". What do I expect asking a 4 years old kid right? BUT today, he answers differently. When I ask why, he answers "Sebab Asif comel.." =.= Still, I know Upendi is there. Because I feel happy and so much love to him :)

Upendi can also be there when you give someone something. Tahadu, tahabbu.. Be it a nice advice, a 'charming' smile, a lift to anywhere, even a BOTTLE!

Upendi is there when you are at peak of your moment of solitude. Sometimes, not physically but spiritually. Only you can feel it.

Upendi has a vast meaning.

p/s - dalam mood mengimbau zaman kanak-kanak, Lion King, Mulan, Aladdin, etc. Indah sungguh..

p/s 2 - komplen pada mak, si Ayaz dan Saif duduk ulang movie kartun Upin Ipin dan Space Chimp brpuluh kali. Sampai abang-abang kakak naik muak dah, yang depa dua orang tu siap hafal skrip lagi dah. Maknya kata, dulu abang dan kakak pun duduk ulang-ulang tengok Lion King dan Aladdin, smpai naik jemu parents. Haha. Abang borek, kakak rintik, adik berpetak-petak. =.=

p/s 3 - sabtu Jubli perak Al-Amin. Jemput datang. Bangga menjadi Al-Aminian. May Allah bless all the teachers and staffs there, amin..


  1. upendi ni versatile lah kan...


    katun yg kau tgk mmg comel macam....hehe

  2. Asif, so sweet of your bro and ur post bout Upendi. Im so surprise that just now, before I read ur blog, I have mention this to my siblings, "Kakak borek adik rintik". Heh, keep writing. Wassalam.


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