Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bersih 3.0 - Of understanding and promoter of good values

*I am not going to post my whole experience during BERSIH 3.0. As before. Just bits and bits of learning experience here and there and some points of view.

We often think that fight for ideals and virtues is simple and easy. It is not indeed. Along the way, there will be some tests. Some will be taken away by the restless agitation and blinded by the opium of anti-establishment, while some will be gripped by fear, some will be misguided by doubts - not the doubts of truth and skepticism, but rather doubt of action. Some will choose side of the oppressor, knowingly and unknowingly. Unknowingly by being neutral in times of injustice.

We've got a long way in Malaysia, for the citizens to grasp the maturity of support and disagreement. We always think, perhaps because the authorities have sit on the chair of power for a very long time, that government is equal to the winning component/party. And we are very good in generalizing. It doesn't mean when we agree to some policies of the authorities, we agree to the injustice they have induced. And it also doesn't mean when we fight the corruption and injustice in the government, we also in support to the invitation of the existing foreign powers meddling our affairs.

We must stop generalizing and being lazy. We must wake up, and be sensible. My reason for joining BERSIH is clear. I demand clean electoral reform at large. Those who are serious in knowing this issue, will surely know about the 'phantom voters'. There are so much corruption and injustice, and we just keep sucking up BN's deeds blindfolded. This issue is not an assumption, or a wild conspiracy theory made up by the opposition, it is real, and it is happening. Either Pro BN or anti BN, and those who aren't in both. If we are serious, we will find the truth.

When I was in a demonstration, be it BERSIH, or other demos for Syria/Palestine/Egypt, I will always pause from time to time, just to reassure myself why I was there. It is easy to lose yourself in the midst of irrational hatred and exciting confrontation. But, I was there, because I chose to be a promoter of good values, of godly values. And I am sure, there is a lot out there, like me. Who aren't interested in who's holding the power, but in the way the power holder benefits the power that is given to them, from us. The way the power is handled, defines the holder. I'm interested in John Dalberg Acton's saying about power.  He said "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely".

Complacent may be the suitable word, for us Malaysians. When we demand change, the other will always compare our condition with poorer countries. When we feel complacent, we are afraid to move on. To have a better life, with better condition. It is easy for us to speak, when we never experience money shortage - to the extend that our parents sold the jewelry, or even harta pusaka peninggalan nenek moyang just to support their family. We never experience poverty, when children just keep fasting to ease the burden of their parents. We never experience sufferings, when our rights are denied and declined just because we differ in financial status. We never feel any of them, so that's why we keep siding the ones with power. Because our gold pot is with them. Still, these people don't demand wealth, although they have the right to do so. They still pay the tax. They demand the system to be cleaned, it's fortunate that Malaysians still have faith for the system.

To take a closer look, the demands are to achieve clean election, along with the freedom of media. There will always be something wrong when you look at the demands with paranoid and fearful paradigm. Irrational assumptions will keep popping up. Try to look at it from a different angle.

These assemblies call for the reforms. Be it BN or PR on the top, in the next ten years, we will always call for reforms if the situation needs us. We should start taking side with values and principles. Our country's future is more than PR or BN. Malaysia is in need of its citizens, who calls for justice and equality, peace and transparency. Be it PR, be it BN, be it perhaps another large component in the future, let us make sure the ones in power stand with these values.

For people like me, it is not about the struggle to push PR to Putrajaya. Although I grew up knowing so many mischievous deeds performed by UMNOs, I learned that evil and corruption are with those who do not fear God. The one who wields power with God-fearing principles will do well, regardless of the parties and components. It is my utmost regret that I cannot share you the article I once read in a site about economics, I spend hours looking for it - where the article was written under the presumption that, corruption does take over in a place where people does not believe in God. It said that faith in God, is necessary to prevent corruption and misuse of power. Although the article in the end aimed to bash communism. My point is our country is in need of both religious and faithful people. 

I don't imagine a future where only one party or component rules the parliament, but rather a mixture of politicians of virtues and principles, who uphold values and honor. Let there be various parties and components. Differences are good. Conflicts are necessary to keep the dynamics flows and improvement flourishes. Let there be check and balance. And for this to come true, men of values and ideas are needed. Not men of dogmas and propaganda.

Malaysia is a blessed country. Alhamdulillah. Old-time warriors and 'ulama, leaders and its citizens made Malaysia as it is today. Let us be grateful - by striving for the best and sustain the values on which our ancestors have stood for. Tok Janggut, Mat Kilau and Rentap fought for their rights and justice, their people, and their identities. It is our responsibility then to sustain and maintain. We are calling the leaders to reform. We do not ask you to step down. We are asking you to take responsibilities for what you and your acquaintances have done - the list I am afraid is too long.

It is then my decision, to support good values and be an ardent promoter. I am a khalifah of Allah, and it is my responsibility. Peace.

Note 1 : I think young people have more resistance to the tear gas. I propose to young people, next time, if there is any demonstration, do stock up big bottles of water and salts - I got three big bottles and a pack of salt when I went to BERSIH 3 - so that we can help old folks and pakmakciks in the demonstration to keep up. Some knowledge of basic medics would be sufficient to help.

Note 2 : We must not think police as bad and evil. They have orders, and they must follow the orders. I know a senior ikhwah in TUDM, he supports Bersih, yet he is assigned in some kind of military unit to keep things in control if the police fails to do so.

Note 3 : During Bersih, I went with my naqib and two lawyers from IKRAM - who are specifically designated to protect the protesters legally. Although I read comprehensively about isu semasa, there are so many things I do not know. The lawyers shared so many things, issues like OccupyDataran and PTPTN, and new rule replacing ISA - another layer of information. Lepas ni ingat nak lepak dengan lawyer lah. Senang tahu cerita.

"A warning to the people
The good and the evil
This is war
To the soldier, the civillian
The martyr, the victim
This is war

It's the moment of truth and the moment to lie
The moment to live and the moment to die
The moment to fight, the moment to fight, to fight, to fight, to fight" - This is War, 30 Seconds to Mars

It is indeed, a war of values and principles.


  1. proud to be able to withstand the teargas.... being ashmatic and all... Alhamdulillah still able to breath :)

  2. This 'cuci mata' with 'air garam' is much better,than that 'cuci mata'..
    Nice to meet u there,via the soul. ^_^

  3. Azizi - wallaweh..ganas lah english teacher ni. haha. Alhamdulillah. :) MACAM rindu nta..

    Kamal - Lol..pedih kamal. Baik cuci dengan air mata, semulajadi.. dan protection dari api neraka. :) takyah nak via2 sangat lah kamal.

  4. i want to seek ur advice if its possible

    - F

  5. i want to seek for* ur advice if its possible

    - F


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