Sunday, April 22, 2012

Majlis Khatam Al Quran Naim

Assalamu 'alaikum.

Sabtu lepas, pergi ke Darul Quran. Naim, adik saya yang kedua, berumur 19 tahun, Alhamdulillah telah berjaya mengkhatamkan Quran di Darul Quran.

Moga perjalanan dia selepas ini tak terlalu berliku sangat sampai tersesat, dipermudahkan, dan smooth. Moga perjalanan dia tak macam abang dia, moga perjalanan dia terus tiba ke destinasi. Moga perjalanan dia diberkati, dipermudah, dan segalanya dirahmati Allah.

He's very unlike me. If I love to switch channel to documentaries about space, science, history and military, he has a different taste. He likes to watch documentaries about animals, animals, and animals. If I like to read, he doesn't. He likes to socialize with people. If my siblings slack out with their chores, I keep it silent and do it myself, or just let things as it is. But he likes it more to berleter to them, and tells them to do it faster and quicker. And sometimes, I am the one who gets his leteran. Among all of us, he is the most hardworking - in terms of house chores. In my history of taekwondo, I was with him almost all of the time. We are both black belt holders, but we rarely spar with each other, if I could remember, never. I always remember my memory with him in a tournament, where we fought each other, and after putting all his efforts he couldn't find a way to beat me, his last resort was to sondol me out of the ring. He ran towards me so fast, he sondol and hugged me, and pushed me out. Haha.. Until now, whenever we talk about that, I'll always bring that up.
My mum, Naim, Saif, Iman and Amru.

He's a good brother, although we disagree on many many things. He's a respectful brother. You know, whenever kami salam, he always kiss my hand. Can you imagine that, a brother only two years younger, now 19 years old, kiss his older brother's hand? Even in front of his friends. So, I respect him so much. Although I never ever prefer my hand to be treated like that, not at all, hey, I'm only his brother not some kind of ustaz, teachers, or even parents. But he still does it. And I always pray for him for that. May Allah walk along his life with him. And so he does not make the same mistake he once did.

I always remind him, to read. Be knowledgeable. He sometimes seems to be enjoying life too much.

That's it. Lepas ini dia akan sambung UIA in Engineering. I wonder, if anyone from my siblings wants to be a doctor. Setakat ini macam tak ada. My younger brother in form 3, he wants to be like Nostradamus. =.= Apa hal macam tu pun tak tahu lah.

May Allah bless him all the way. Along his life, until the end. Tahniah Naim! Jaga amanah Quran elok-elok.

Darul Quran.

A calm and very beautiful place. Come visit there one day, surely you'll be astounded.

Few buildings in a big place. Yang lain semua alam semulajadi.
Very peaceful, tepi tasik ni lah petang-petang akan nampak student wanita penuh untuk hafal Quran. Layan sentimental mungkin.
We students used to pimpin tangan these guys every day. Mereka OKU, buta, dan mereka menghafal Quran guna Braille. Kata salah seorang dari mereka, Quran itu cahaya di hati.


  1. Tak sempat jumpa asif aritu..
    Kita jumpa dkt UK la..huhu

  2. Tahniah asif..respect muallimah syamila..ank2 sme menjadi.mabrook!

  3. Asif, Assalamualaikum. Lama tak dengar berita :)

    Mabruk untuk adik kau.

    dan untuk abang dia juga


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