Saturday, March 31, 2012

Written in the stars [Part 4]

There goes the goodbye of September, a faithful Observer. Either time is linear, or it is cyclical - no one can point the absolute. Experience stays. Perhaps they say, history is repeated - it is the experience. Experience is a story. We, them, are just players. We fit in, we experience, we settle in, and then we set off.

We, humans, used to ask questions. Of Whats. No worries of life, no burdens, no responsibilities. Just satisfying the hunger of young curiosity. Life was pretty direct back then.

As we grew up, Of Hows started to present themselves. Our Senses - a consciousness now has a new friend - Reason. As Of Whats presented themselves as lines - flat and one dimensional, Of Hows introduced themselves as chains. Long endless chains. Now Reason could help Senses to find answers. Reason could help by means of reasoning, to find reasons. Forward and backward, right and left. Humans have been more methodical by now. Their two dimensional means of answers seem quite helpful. So they thought. Life was thought to be a two-dimensional world.

But later in life, something happened. Humans felt voids. Emptiness. So vast and so deep. But humans knew no deepness. All along, theirs were forwards, rights, lefts, and backwards. To figure it out, humans make a large circle. To trap it, and solve it. Humans were confident, there was no way it could pass. But, to their surprise, it jumped out of the circle.

From that time, Of Whys came to liberate humans from the two-dimensional prisons. Humans just discovered Up and Down. Senses and Reason now had a new friend, Heart. From there, humans embarked on a new journey.


Once in a while, Life waits. Just like a fighter - waits for the right moment, to blow a hit. It's life. What matters, is you just have to rise and stand up again. 'Nobody is gonna hit as hard as life' [Rocky Balboa].

"And then he can murmur, confidently and with an open mind: my philosophy is travel, and pluralism is my destination. Humility is my table, respect is my garment, empathy is my food, and curiosity is my drink. As for love, it has a thousand names and is by my side at every window" [Tariq Ramadan]


  1. So deep. Sometimes what the mind cannot explain, the heart understands.


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