Wednesday, August 18, 2010

So be it


The Earthlings didn't understand why The Sun and The Moon acted that way. The unspoken conflict culminated at last. Yet - the culmination brought grief and sorrow to the Life on Earth. Such a disaster to Life.

The Sun and The Moon started being self-oriented. The Sun no longer wanted to shine The Moon. The Moon no longer wanted to reflect the light of The Sun. Yet - the selfishness act brought sadness. Such a disaster to Life.

The eldest of the Earthlings then spoke. To The Sun and The Moon - reminding them their responsibilities. To sustain life on Earth. To bring balance. Yet - none of them listened. Catastrophic.

The eldest then stood up, again. Spoke. Again, wrath had been blessed upon the eldest for his action.

"So be it" the eldest said.

"If it's meant to be, I'll be your Sun. Let alone no life will I have around me - my life is meaningful when I give you life. Let alone the fuel to burn - my memories of the past will burn my courage and action. Let alone the heat - my love to you will comfort me. Let alone being alone - because one day I'll be with you, in the heaven. Let alone of my life - when my life brings you life, my death will also give birth to hope and happiness. Such a supernova of paradoxical state - or of a glorious dwarf star."

"Who'll be the moon?" the earthlings asked.

"Not in my knowledge. The Moon was from the Earth itself once. Theia hit the Earth, debris formed the Moon. Now, I don't know. Will I wait for my binary star? Dancing around until the death invites?"

The question remained unanswered.

"If there is no one. No one to reflect my light, no one to inspire your life, just pray to Allah she'll come one day. I know she will" he said.

For the last time - the eldest went. Spoke in fury, manner, mixed with sadness and agony. Everything in his power, in his knowledge, in his wisdom - he used that day. He didn't want the Earth to be lifeless. Desperation took place. He was not what the Earthlings knew him. Nor the Sun and the Moon. In their face, he'd grown into something more sinister and evil. Yet - it needed to be done. For the Life, he thought. Let himself be the torrential tribute. ........After eons of standing in their ways, the unrest rested.

For now - he prays may the Sun and the Moon again be what they once had be. And the Life on Earth will be living as they were once lived.

"So be it" he said slowly.

So does the story told. Thank you.

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