Friday, May 28, 2010

Light and Life [Part 1]



In every person, I believe there is light. Light that will shine their path to Allah. As long as their hearts stay pure and clean, by the Grace of Allah, they will meet Allah peacefully. Of that, I believe..

Of Heart and Light

How do we receive light? How do we actually see? If one goes to read Harun Yahya's articles regarding senses and consciousness, that person will have a pause in his/her breath, wondering about it. A mind-boggling and neck-breaking expose, that if it reaches the whole world I'm sure it would have changed the world to a very different world we see today. Truth is simple. So does the main idea of the reality speak.

*To get into the very world of sense. To track back how does this world form IN us. Scientifically, when we speak of light, it involves a wide range of invisible light and visible light. The one that we see, that helps us to see the world is the visible light. Simply put, when light travels into our eyes, it goes through lenses, refracted, and then passes through the eye to reach the retina. Then, it excites Rhodopsin and Iodopsin in the retina. The reaction later causes a wave of electric signals to travel through the optic nerves to reach the brain, a specific part in the brain. The signals then are used or 'engineered' by our brain to produce images in accordance with the signals.

You see, miraculously, all the images that we see and we have seen all this while, were actually formed in our brain. In a part where no light has ever reached it. All the beautiful scenes, stars, skies, flowers, and HUMANS we have seen were actually the translated forms of electric signals formed inside our brain. Masya Allah. We don't really know what is outside there actually. We don't really know how do they look. As Allah had put in our brain certain programs to translate these signals, we cannot really reach the actual form of our world. Even the brightest sight we have seen was actually formed in the darkest pitch of our brain.

Personally, it sounds really scary. To regard our senses, as tools of translating signals. It stresses silently that this beloved world isn't real. That one day, our body will wear out. Same concept applied to other senses. One day, we will leave our senses - sight, touch, hearing, taste, and smell and will meet them again in the here-after.


I will start this part with a hadith. About Dajjal. A beautiful symbolism by Prophet Muhammad.

"'Omar Ibn Thabit al-Ansari told me that some of the Companions of the Prophet told him that on the day when he warned the people about the Dajjal, the Prophet said: "There will be written between his eyes the word Kafir (unbeliever). Everyone who resents his bad deeds - or every believer- will be able to read it." He also said, "You must know that no one of you will be able to see his Lord until he dies.'" (Muslim, al-Bukhari).

We know from this hadith, that only the believers(mu'min) can read. The word 'Kafir' on Dajjal's forehead. To be analyzed typically, the ahadith from Prophet Muhammad sometimes make no sense when it comes to the Dajjal and the end-time topic. As we discover more and more hadith about them, we feel more and more away from this physical world. Why is this happening? As we delve more into this physical world. This modern, globalized, inter-connected and inter-woven world, we seem to forget that there is another world exists. Everything happens around us, sadly we forget and fail to take lessons in terms of spiritual and moral aspects. Tsunami, global-warming, war, corruption et cetera.

We have been too distracted. Sometimes, even religious affairs were justified so that they will conform to our worldly desires. Allah..

One thing that is not normal in the hadith above - is why only the believer can read? Believer means mu'min. To grasp this concept, let us compare it with our eyes. Eyes can see if and only if there is light. When light enters our eyes, we can see. When light does not enter our eyes, we cannot see. And when something blocks our eyes from receiving light, we also cannot see. For example, when we blindfold our eyes, we cannot see. Because light cannot go through the blindfold. Only when light enters our eyes, then we can see.

But, why did Prophet Muhammad said only the believers can read? Even if he is illiterate, he will be able to read it. Is it because at that time only the believers have the money to pay the electricity? Or is it only because the believers sit together under the sun? So they have enough light to read? But, why do the disbelievers cannot read? Is it because they don't have enough light to read? Even if the Dajjal stands under the scorching sun, why do the disbelievers cannot read? Why even the illiterate believers can read?

Do we have any other eyes besides these eyes? Do we have any other ears beside these ears? Do we have any other means of acquiring knowledge other than these senses? This godless civilization says NO. But the Quran says YES. The Quran says with the HEART, we can see. The Quran says with the HEART we can hear. The one who has faith can read. The one who has no faith cannot read. But why does the one who has no faith cannot read the word 'KAFIR' on the Dajjal's forehead? Maybe the one who has faith does not only see with these normal eyes, he sees with the heart.

When faith enters into the heart, Allah puts 'NUR', light in the heart. And with that light, the heart can see what these eyes cannot see. It is plain and clear now, the real concept hidden behind this 'abnormal' hadith, is the mu'min sees not only with these eyes, but also with his heart. As eyes can only see when there is light, so does the heart.

Ibn 'Omar said, "The Prophet mentioned the Dajjal to the people. He said, "Allah is not one-eyed, but the Dajjal is blind in his right eye, and his eye is like a floating grape.'" (Muslim)

As Dajjal sees with one eye, the left eye and blind in his right eye, indirectly Prophet Muhammad was describing about a religious symbolism. When Dajjal sees with his left eye, it symbolizes external vision. And when Dajjal blind in his right eye, it symbolizes internal blindness.

Allah.. Do we see as he sees? We have external vision, but do we have internal vision? Can our heart receive light? The end-time is near, and he is gathering his forces now. Are we going to fight against him or with him? As the first hadith above mentioned, ONLY the believers can read. Believer means mu'min. Every mu'min is a muslim, but not every muslim is a mu'min. Can we read when the time comes? What if we can't? Allah.. Save us from Dajjal's fitnah.

Let us purify our heart. Stay clean and calm.. :)

May God bless you.

Recently, I have discovered a new source of light. May the Light be together with me, until I die. Amin.

Salam. :)

1. Biology student, please correct me if I'm wrong. I don't take Bio in my A level. Do correct me if Im wrong. Thank you.
2. This post was inspired by Phase 3 episode 2.


  1. hah, I was a bio student.. but no comment from me =)

    Nice writing akh, keep it up.. the ummah has been under oppression of darkness and ignorance for a long time... They are generations of the torchbearers and unfortunately, the light keeps fading away. Alhamdulillah, i see, and pray for you, the torchbearers soon will have their succsessors. amin.

  2. No comment? Hee.. kita terbalik. I took Bio masa SPM, n u didnt. But now, u take Bio, and i don't.

    Amin.. Thanks. You too brother.


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