Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Exam's ticking..

Salam. In the midst of exam. 4 papers left. Persijilan started their exam yesterday. Sama macam SPM. Kan? Might find the same wavelength. Who knows, might get into one of their fields..macam dalam Remaja Indigo. Muahahaha...

Huh. What am I doing? Haha. Nothing. I just went out of my room earlier today. I thought it will start at 8, but 8.30. hour early?

My siblings (yang memang nahas balik umah ni), they dah tanya how am I doing. OK alhamdulillah is my answer. I do not expect too much this sem. One will say that I'm pessimist, but nay. I just know my limit, I don't thirst for motivation to boost me up. Iman dalam dada masih dalam lingkungan percaya pada qada' dan qadar. I know there'll be divine interventions, especially in Syafawi. 12 juz tebuk? Maqra 3 questions? It's 1/32 probabilty! For our targets to come true...but, well said. It takes both worlds. Ada orang dah dapat excel before this. Why we can't? Hehe..ok. The announcement is reverberating! See ya! Pray for me..


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