Monday, December 24, 2012

Flashmob Surprise!

My project this month was to direct a flashmob in UiTM. Aqsa Syarif was offered a slot during the expo, and we managed to pool resources from other groups like ABIM dan Pembina to help us. Alhamdulillah, it was done smoothly.

The second one was to co-direct a flashmob at Padang Kota Lama, a state event organized by Aqsa Syarif Penang and IKRAM Penang. Jeritan Gaza, Laungan Syria - was an event organized to raise funds for Palestine and Syria. Alhamdulillah, we managed to raise RM97,000 on that day. With the support of bikers convoy from various 'daerah'. From Timur Laut, SPT(Seberang Perai Tengah), SPU, Balik Pulau and many more. The convoy was joined by ikhwah and bikers from Penang. Sedikit terkilan tak dapat join sebab kena manage flashmob.

Our storyline for the second flashmob was a bit different. We planned to involve audience. The original story went like this. The first scene showed a peaceful sight in Palestine. Kids playing football, women sitting together, mom and son walking around. Then the Zionists entered. Punching and hitting Palestinians(we did the punch and hit for real - with less force). After few moments of struggle, they froze. Then, a speaker among the Palestinians would melt and started the reflection session. The speaker would try his best to convince the audience to come forward and detain the Zionists. From this moment, the storyline would split into two. If 1) the audience managed to come forward and hold all the Zionists, we decided it would be a 'win' storyline. And it would end with a nasyid - and an invitation to keep supporting the cause. We wanted the audience to feel that they were also part of the issue. If 2) no one came forward or the Zionists outnumbered the audience who came forward, it would be a 'lose' storyline. Zionists then would melt and kill all the Palestinians. By this time, a leader from the Zionists will come forward and provoke the audience. The provocation was meant to make the audience realized that this flashmob was not meant for show only, but also an iniative or a kick-start to do something about the issue. Then the leader will freeze again and the speaker will take his mic, did a muhasabah session, stressing on 'Silence is Betrayal', and doing nothing was actually an immoral act. Then we ended it with a du'a. That's the basic storyline.

But, things went so differently. Although the flashmob went so smoothly, but the storyline deviated so far. I congratulate all the actors and volunteering audience for the 'sporting' reaction.

The actual story went like this. Me in this flashmob acted as a Zionist. The storyline went as usual until the speaker's first session. I wore a snow mask. When I saw the audience when we froze, I was like 'Oh No'. I saw ikhwah from convoy were there. Ikhwah was not meant to be part of the crowd. We did dispatch a crowd control, just in case the audience got fueled up and screwed up the storyline. And when the speaker started his session, to convince audience to step up, the first one to step up was an ikhwah, my roommate! His action somehow motivated others to join in. Pakciks, and even sisters volunteered to hold and stop the Zionists. One sister even used her umbrella to push a Zionist away. Still, our leader was not detained. So, the story was set to 'lose'. The crowd control managed to tell the audience they were outnumbered, and they must step out from the scene. The Palestinians were all killed. So far, things went as planned. When our leader started the provoking session, I saw two persons came to stop him. I said with my mask on to my friend next to me, "Ini tak ada dalam skrip ini. Jom, tahan derang jangan bagi depa kaco Zul". The two persons held Zul(the leader) so tight, my friend and I had to throw them away. I kicked his knee to lock him down, while my friend held another person tightly. It was harsh and hard. But it was expected. Because the scene started so real. With real throwing and hittings, so it was okay. After we held two of them, I felt a bit relieved. Macam tak ada lah lari skrip sangat. Zul then proceeded with his script. Suddenly, one of them said, "Ikhwah semua, masuk lah!! Takkan tengok je!". At that time I looked around, I said, "Oh no, ini konfem dah lari skrip dah ini". I screamed slowly to one of them "Woi, ini bukan skrip dia lah!". By this time, all the Zionists behind us were already fighting so they would not be detained. Of course they were resisting, this thing was not in the script and not meant to happen. My friend and I were the last, we fought as hard as we could to keep the story in line. I pushed here and there, struggled here and there. So did my friend. But, the audience were too many. Dah lah di padang, baru lepas hujan. My face ended up kissing the mud. The speaker really succeeded in touching the audience, I saw even pakcik, akak dan entah siapa entah pun datang tahan kami. They were holding us down for real.

The good thing was, the crowd took it for real. They thought it was the storyline. Even the audience who were pinning us down also took it for real. I thought, at least the audience did something. So the speaker continued his muhasabah session. He decided to opt for the 'lose' story line. Zul were also doing well dalam memangkah muhasabah speaker (Alif). Zionists dah lenguh di pin down. Even I too. Lama kot. Jadi masa Alif mula berdoa, that's the key word for us Zionists to get up and retreat. Bila Alif baru mula berdoa, Zul terus pangkah, "Jangan DOA!" and he said lots of things about adab Muslimin dalam berdoa, hidup seharian kita dan very good things mengenai hubungan mustajabnya doa dengan kehidupan seharian. Ini semua tiada dalam skrip. In a few moments later then Zul started screaming "Berundur!".

The doa was really touching. I saw crowds everywhere with tears.

So, it ended nicely, although I dare say that the flashmob happened not in the way we expected. It was better! Alhamdulillah.

After the flashmob ended, while resting, I was approached by a guy. He came to the event, and asked many things about boycott and what could he do as a student. You know where did he work? He worked at McD and amazingly he had the initiative to help and contribute. I explained him the rational behind boycott, relations between McD and Zionists and many more. My last advice before we parted, resign.

My classmate laughed actually behind the mask. "What? An umbrella? Come on."
Excellent flashmob team. Dari IKRAM Siswa UiTMPP dan USM, plus Alif dari UPM.

So here's my classmate. Dia sekarang dalam proses berhenti merokok. Seorang daripada my friend dah berhenti completely, sekarang tinggal dia dan lagi seorang. Dua-dua sekarang tengah hadkan sebatang sehari. Doakan mereka dipermudahkan. InsyaAllah, nak ajak join usrah lepas ni. :)

Subhanallah. Astaghfirullah.

That's all.



  1. subhanallah. wow wow. best
    teruskan usaha dakwah di bumi uitmpp.

  2. Alhamdulillah..

    Wah asif dah kurus!

  3. Atiqah - insyaAllah. syukran. wa iyyaki.

    Anon - *blushing* malu2 kucing miaaawww haha


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