Thursday, November 15, 2012

Israel, I condemn your action.

 My love towards the land of Palestine is deep. I love the sacred land as I love my land. I grow up wanting to be a martyr there. My passion and empathy are always there for them. My prayers to them are like my prayers to my parents. And it kills me to see and watch how Israel AGAIN, has started their siege on Palestine.

Therefore, I call upon readers - in the name of Allah, let us voice out our resistance towards the oppression. I call upon readers - on a humanitarian basis, let us together hand in hand do whatever we can to influence the public opinion, and let the whole world see what Israel has done, and had been doing all these decades to Palestine.

We must act and be clear. If we do nothing, things will be going as the way it is. If we act, things will change insyaAllah. We must let the whole world the history, the action and reasons, the conflicts and political ploys, and the relation of each players.

Do whatever we can to help them. Anything will do.

Tweet, Facebook, blogs, Google +1, Youtube. Family, friends, colleagues.

Start throwing away boycotted foods like McD, Starbucks, and Pepsi.

Be a better Muslim! For it is our sins that delayed the help of Allah to come upon us. In the midst of hating the action of the Zionists, let us not be like them. Practice Islam.

Most important - pray!

Invite your friends and colleagues. Let us be together against the oppression of Palestine. In the name of values in which Islam is based upon, let us be there. Let us be human!

Human, let us pray, for Allah is our best Protector and our best Helper! Allah..keep my brothers and sisters safe, and destroy the enemies. Send them your angels and your soldiers! Make us Muslims unite in the face of this oppression, so that may good come out of this. Amin.


  1. ko kenal nik nur madihah eh? dier subscribe news feed fb ko..

  2. haah. kenal je die... she loves physics, i love physics. tahu..memang for some time, kenapa?

  3. memang ko kenal betul dengan dier ker? maksud aku macam pernah kontek ker ape sumer?

  4. -.- tak kenal betul2. kenal sebab physics. she did comment few times di blog. jap..y r u asking this question?


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