Sunday, February 12, 2012

Viva Syria!

Along the years, I've adopted and adapted a big range of tolerance and acceptance towards many things. From fiqh mu'amalah to interfaith affairs. But one thing remains stern in me, is I can't stand watching others get oppressed and tortured. And I can't stand watching others continuing to support the regime - while we can and have the power to at least slow them down. I cannot comprehend the fact how could someone buy something that directly contributes to the death of someone else? And in me, there's a strong reason for me to feel that way. I will never force others to feel what I feel, but this feeling - the reconciliation of understanding and acceptance for the action will never happen in me. To be good, it is a continuous process, a personal conviction. But to stand up in solidarity in the least to voice out our support and at the same time NOT TO SUPPORT the oppressor, it is a must be for a human being. One life counts.


Malaysians have launched a peaceful protest last Friday. Along with some Syrian people, we marched from Masjid Tabung Haji to the embassy. Led by Ust Ridhuan, we shouted slogans and we put up banners as signs of protest towards the oppression of the Syrians. The protest started straight away after Jum'ah prayer. Crowds gathered quickly upon being called by Ust Ridhuan. After an opening speech - explaining to curious crowds who wanted to know what this was all about, we began marching slowly accompanied by takbir and Khaibar calling. I met a few figures on my way, one of them was Syed Ibrahim. The exact same person who handed me appreciation awards in Al Amin's takrim few years back. I engaged him, and then raced back to the front line.

We passed by US Embassy. A year ago, this was the same spot we held a protest. A protest which ended up badly due to police's tear gas and skunk water. We walked a long way to the Syrian Embassy. While a few ustazs were riding a jeep, the front lines were dominated by Syrian people. One of them rode the jeep, and shouted in Arabic words of protests and prayers.

We later arrived at the vicinity of the embassy. We could not make our way in, as police barricades were blocking our way. And again, this time, I remembered a police, the same police guarding US Embassy last year during the protest. As usual, officers were equipped with complete riot-combating accessories. It makes sense. You can see, Syrian people have a very large body framework. The jeep stopped in front of the police line. A few ustazs made their way in to send written protest to the Syrian Embassy.

While waiting, a few figures rose to deliver their speech. Akram Ikrami GAMIS's current president, Rahimi from ABIM and Ust Idris Ahmad from PAS, and few others more. 

After the written protest was delivered, Ust Ridhuan gave a closing speech and we prayed to Allah, praying for the safety of Syrian people and all of the fighters around the world. We were dismissed then. Peacefully.

Leading the way
Two Syrians and a Palestinian
Foreingn friends
Palestinian guy giving speech
March Forward!
Early protester
Al-Jazeera's and Local's
Stopping point - in front of the embassy

Ust Idris Ahmad
Rabitah prayer
Akram Ikrami and a PKR lawyer
One of the banners
Crowd praying together
Peaceful ending

Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. Moga Allah permudahkan perjuangan mereka di sana. Amin.


  1. Allahuakbar.

    Allahummah Ihzimhum, Allahumma ihzimhum, Allahumma Ihzimhum.

    When the authority is the tyranny. They deserved to be toppled down.

    May Allah guide Syrians to their liberty.

    Their freedom.

    Allah blesses all the martyrs and fighters.

  2. Amin. AMin. AMin ya rabbal 'aalamiin.

    Yes, may Allah help them and guide them.


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