Friday, June 24, 2011

We are young!

I look forward to seeing their progress. I see the bright minds ready to engineer the future. Form 5 this year. I see so much potential in them after their Tamrin. They have six months more. I see their eyes are full of flare and spirit. This Tamrin really gives them an impetus. Especially my group. Being together with them makes me happy and filled. And I would love to help them to cater their juniors. Being systematic and dynamic. Eager to see our new plan starts. Insya Allah..

'Regeneration'. Continuity. One out, few more comes in. The wave will never stop. With accurate understanding, precise tuning, sufficient effort - 'fata' - pemuda - can be quiet an arsenal. Ta'rif, takwin and tanfiz. Each step is viewed carefully. Transitional process is handled carefully and the end-product will be, insya Allah undeniably magnificent. Just read the tales of the past - small focused group in Makkah spread to other spots of the world. A group which had gone through a dense process - creating an important term - Sulbah - Spine. A core group which inspired the dakwah around the world. A group which was comprised of amazing syabab - Mus'ab bin Umair, Mu'az bin Jabal, Sa'd bin Abi Waqas, Zubair al Awwam, Thalhah 'Ubaidillah, Salim Maula abi Huzaifah, and many more. And then leap a few long years ahead - we will find Thariq bin Ziyad with his strong batalions, Mehmed II al Fath the best leader leading best of soldiers. Zoom to the end of our past, the strong warrior of Ghazi emirates - inspired by his dream seeing a big tree where the roots cross continents and its branches conquer the sky, Osman son of Ertugrul founded the Ottoman empire. These warriors have undergone a long quality process of tarbiyah - and they went around the world to do what they yearned, da'wah.

 Just see how many young bright polymaths in Islam. At the age of seventeen, 500 years before Renaissance Al-Biruni was already calculating latitude of his hometown by observing latitude of the sun. Ibn Sina at the age of eighteen was summoned by Nuh ibn Mansur, Samani ruler to treat him. His Al-Qanun fi at-Tib made him known as a giant among giants in the West. Ever heard of the Wright brothers who made the idea of human flight possible? Ibn Firnas was already ahead of them. This young inventor also tried to fly, although he fell hurting his back. A crater in our Moon was also named after him. And many more bright young Muslims who contributed along the way. Each of them was tutored by amazing teachers - murabbi. Pure conscience with divine morality.

Allah upholds this kind of young people. Young men and women who devote their youth to Allah - is one of the seven groups which will receive Zilalullah at the Mahsyar. Experienced ones train the young ones. Refine each human product into something worth living. Scrutinize each of them in a long process - enduring hardship, boredom sometimes, and engraving principles in their hearts. A long process where only the strong-willed ones will survive- biiznillah.

It's a long and hard way. Especially for us, young seeds in this old world. Insya Allah, what we do here will be counted there. Together we pray for a better tomorrow.....

p/s2 - "Kerana ustaz rasa calon tunang saudari sekarang itu adalah orang yang beragama. Sebab itu dia tidak usik atau ganggu saudari yang sedang belajar." I found an Ustaz saying this in his blog. I want to be and will be like that guy :D If I'm late, it's fate. Lately, people around me keep talking about this.
p/s3 - Dalam kereta, masa hujan lebat ribut-ribut sikit, tercakap "Macam Grand Line la pulak..ganas cuaca" =.= what's wrong with me? And my siblings all looked at me like this.  (<.<") "Apa abang aku ngarut pulak ni?"


  1. tertarik dgn yg last part tu.

    ana doakan smoga nta berjaya jd mcm tu.

    selamat maju jaya.

    jgn lupa hantar kad wangi ke rumah ana ye kalau jadi.

  2. i know ta'rif. but wht ta'win n tanfiz means?

  3. salam.


    reading your blog, make me realise one think, "I have to read more, and be more patient in this way (Tarbiyah)"

    sometimes, i was dreaming that i was from Al-Amin or other MUSLEH's schools. but, Allah knows the BEST.



  4. its long and enduring, and a process not many are eager to follow through. Yup, just like Roi said : "a group which had gone through a dense process ".

    That's tarbiyah alright, and we the sprouts have a long way to go.

    (Bile leh jumpe akh sorang ni eh? hehe)

  5. one of your many good writings :)

    Alhamdulillah. Allah yuftah 'alaik bro :)

  6. Husna- =.= yg tu selingan..

    anon - after ta'rif. -takwin, literally means pembentukan.produk akan dibentuk. tanfiz - mobilisasi..dah terbentuk. kene bergerak.

    hamidi - wasalam. same je mane2 bang oi.. :)

    halim - erkk.ehem..Roi tu sape? ahaha

    syazwan - :) amin... thanks.

  7. your words regenerate my day..inspiring article... nice akh...:)


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