Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Goodbye, Tok Mek.

Last week, my grandmother died. Inna Lillah.. we straight away rushed from KL to Kelantan. I drove more than three quarters of the journey. Which took around 8 hours. That journey was different. Usually, my dad was the joker. He lit up the car with jokes and etc. But that day, he was exceptionally quiet. The day itself grieved. Our journey was accompanied by rains. Sad rain. I felt sorry for my father.

We went to Kelantan, aiming to arrive at 9.30. I drove as fast as I could. Usually, my mom will check my speed. But this time, sorrow killed the mood. We all were hoping we could get there by the time. 9.30 p.m - last chance for living people to say goodbye to her, kiss her face, and send her away to meet her God. For sons and daughters, that would be the most important last moment with their beloved ones. Redha is one thing - humanly emotion craves the chance to send love prayers for the departure of their loves. I watched my dad's face along the journey. He was calm and tranquil. Maybe knowing his Mum died after solat dhuha made him a bit positive. I don't know.

Still, Allah decided. We arrived there 12.30 a.m. I can't imagine how my father felt, when he couldn't say goodbye to his Mum. His regret was felt by us. That night, I had a hard time to sleep. Felt like crying. Could never imagine how my father felt. Missing the only moment to say goodbye, to kiss his mother's cold forehead, and to wish farewell for her departure.

Tomorrow morning, we went to her grave. My dad brought us sons, praying besides her grave. Few minutes later, he told us to get into the car. He stood alone besides her mother's grave. Crying so heavily. I've never seen  him in a condition like that. That was the first time. He was a strong-hearted man. He cried while doa for a few minutes besides her grave, and then left.


The next day, another news came in. While in Kelantan, we decided to help our grandparents on my mum's side to check their health. The news was severe. Both of them have chronic diseases. Allah.. I hope my parents will do just fine. Amin.

*Al-Fatihah untuk ibunda kepada bapaku - Hajah Kiah. Beliau meninggal sejurus selepas solat dhuha, masih bertelekung pada pagi Rabu lepas.


  1. Moga Allah merahmati yang sudah pergi dan mereka yang masih bersiap sedia untuk perjalanan yang sama.

  2. innalillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun.

    insyaAllah husnul khatimah tuh

  3. halim - syukran. amin..

    wan - amin ya rabbal 'alamin..doakan utk kita sekali.


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