Friday, May 27, 2011

Growing seed..

Giant. It's a place that my brothers and sister like to go to, especially Ayaz and Saif. My littlest two brothers. And, lately maybe due to peer pressure, they formed a trend of buying Koko-crunch and Honey Star, in which our family boycott it. And they have a very high persuasive power, and if the persuasion did not come to fruition, they used their last resort - getting cranky.

And so, I started to show them videos and clips about Palestine. About how the Israelis soldiers attacking kids and old people, and et cetera. And they did show their sympathy and concern by making sad faces and sympathetic impressions. And they also learned to spot 'orang jahat's attire. After all, Ayaz often with me and Naim when we were playing Call of Duty. Spotting bad guys was not so hard for him. Slowly, I talked with them, about how the money flows and all of it. About our stance in helping the Palestinians besides praying and removing 'zionistic influence' in ourselves. And I talked to them about how Nestle involves. They often watch things with me, especially during "How the Universe works" in Discovery, explaining this to them won't be a problem. Or so I thought.

So, the field test time came. We went to Giant again. And we went to the cereal section. Suddenly, Ayaz and Saif asked for Koko-crunch. I reminded them on the spot. And they agreed. We chose other non-Nestle cereal. 'Alhamdulillah'.. but, suddenly at the counter, Ayaz and Saif said to my mom, "Mama..tak nak yang ni, tak sedap..nak korunch(short form for koko-crunch)". I talked to them again and again softly, but they refused. And so I thought, this ought to be a long process. When they grow up, they will understand. Insya Allah..

They are the growing seeds. I like to live my childhood dreams in them. And one day, may the be the best of the best. Insya Allah..
Tender them with love and care

p/s : This is a video, made by a senior(I posted about him once Au Revoir) for our Hari Guru, and I feel like crying. I miss him so much, and I hope he'll do fine there. Video

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