Monday, March 21, 2011

Children; I have a dream.

* This post is about a program for kids - standard 1 to 6. Open. First of its series. Stressing mainly to live and translate the Sunnah in our daily life.

Last Saturday was a very tiring day. The day started with a program for kids; Program Aulad IKRAM. Me and other friends were responsible for conducting the activities, Alhamdulillah it went well and not well and we got positive feedbacks. Alhamdulillah.

It has been so long since I last interacted with them publicly. So to forget that I felt so powerless when being with them. Children - a different kind of human. That day, they drained me so much. I thought I could control them at least like adult and teen. Nope. That way failed. At last, I looked exactly like primary school teacher. I guess that is the most effective way. Don't be fierce. Be cheerful. Do not get distracted when some kids were playing and running and talking, it's normal.

We have put few elements that we thought suitable for them. Lagu tema, videos, and many sirah stories. It did attract them. Only when we have outdoor games, perhaps they were a bit excited they acted like gases. Running randomly, screaming, and poking friends. There was a game, for Ice Breaking where they were grouped. The game required each person to sound a specific animal voice that was designated to them, and to gather with same voice. The initial four voices were duck, cat, dog, and cow. Eventually they changed it voluntarily to monkey and the duck's voice they spoke sounded like a mutated duck with an integrated chip in its mouth. Weird. Perhaps it's the influence of today's cartoon.

Insya Allah, I hope we can prepare better for them in the next series. This one, it lacked of preparation from me especially. Insya Allah, for a better future. For a better generation. For a better line of future leaders. For a better life. Let us together contribute for a better world. A world that once had breathed with a peaceful fresh air of Quran and Sunnah during our prophet's time. A world that our prophet had promised in his sayings, a futuristic and idealistic period of the fifth, a peaceful one.

I look forward to live to see it comes.

A good video, Phase 3. Ada Bruce Lee dalam ni. Wing Chun mari...

p/s - Syukran pada Amin, Naim, 'Ammar Sahrim, Jannah, Dalilah, Aisyah, Nurazah, Husna atas kerjasama dan pertolongan.

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