Friday, February 4, 2011

Rally: A piece of effort

* This peaceful demonstration was just an effort, to show the world the unity of view to bring dictatorship down. Wallahu a'lam.

From my point of view..
I came with Amin and Hakim. We gathered quickly after the Imam completed leading Solat Hajat. Joined by IKRAM, ISMA, PAS, Parti Sosialis Malaysia and other parties and NGOs, we followed the long and massive line, marching to the US Embassy peacefully. The crowd was full of spirit and passion and their faces showed what they meant. Various races marched to the US Embassy crying out loud slogans like "Down, down, down Mubarak" and "Hidup, hidup, hidup rakyat". Also heard "Undur, Undur, Undur Najib".

The march continued along the road peacefully. Although there were some roadblocks, the march continued and reached US Embassy peacefully. At that time, my friends and I were separated. Masya Allah, I still met ikhwah from various lines, and even in the heat of the demo, we managed to hug and chat while walking. I met Muhsein from Hira', a colleague of black-belt demo team. I met Anas Badlatif and Fahim, ex juniors of Alamin. I met my seniors - Hafidz Gazali and Muhaimin Shahriman. I met my teachers, Cikgu Rozainah was one of them. And I also met some DQ juniors. Many more.

When we arrived in front of the embassy. I quickly went to the front line, hoping to get into the 'ribath', a chain of humans. "Care to join?" asked a foreigner to me. I joined them quickly. Alhamdulillah, the kind foreigner was from Egypt. We chatted in front of the police line. He was happy to see how youth in Malaysia were as passionate as their youth. I saw some of the armored officers were kind and nice people. They put forward a neutral cold and strict face and just hoped they could get their jobs done. Peacefully. Perhaps they were thinking about their families. And they surfed the net. I also saw some faces that expressed hatred so deep. That whenever a person passed them, they will look them so sharp and mean. Their eyes were rolling. And you see this kind will shout and hit even old men. Just want to tell, that not all of them accepted by heart what they were doing. For example, the police officer in front of me. He held a tuber and some smoke grenades were equipped in his pockets. Yet, before we dismissed, the officer smiled to me. A sign of friendliness, I guess. You would know if you look at his face yourself.

The crowd stopped and some representatives from different organisations went to meet the ambassador to give the memorandum. This included Syed Azman and Sabu. An Egyptian gave a speech that was so energetic and powerful. Perhaps the aura came from the real feeling of a concern citizen. Also IKRAM's president. I didn't see it really well because I was chained together with the Egyptian that time. After they gave the memorandum, I freed myself and went to the road where there was traffic. We together lifted our banners and posters and signed them to honk to show their supports while the press interviewed the reps. So happy to see so many drivers honked and waved their hands. Even bus drivers honked, and it sounded very gigantic. Haha. I hope more people would know about what we were doing that time. It helps I guess.

Then, the real challenge came. Just before the crowd dispersed and dismissed, we saw FRU trucks with water cannons were coming. In my heart I just hoped so that nothing bad would happen to us. We came very peacefully and the pakcik and makcik also reminded us to conduct the demo peacefully. When we were in our way back, the police narrowed the road to make us harder to walk. See the picture below.

Then after about 60 percent passed the bottleneck, something happened. Two or three makciks and a girl, makcik's daughter were sprayed right in their faces. And it culminated there. Those who were already far, called a 'come-back' to check. Crying 'La Ilaha IllaAllah' very loud, they circled the makcik's group. Then the police sprayed again. This time, I already wore a mask, helped those who were sprayed. Took them aside, made them sit, and gave them water. Me with another unknown person. Hell they gave to the crowd. The gas suffocated us, made our skin irritated, and our eyes 'pedih'. I can't imagine how those makciks still could stand because even men adults still had difficulties. The guy and I still wanted to drag those who were sprayed, but suddenly the armed officers pushed the angry crowd. The makciks anger had caused others to be angry. I think they should be angry. The officers managed to catch a boy, Unit Amal and hit him so hard. So 'dayus' they hit him when he was alone unable to defend himself. Why? This rally should be peaceful. And then the officers pulled an old man hand. This time me and few other young guys pushed the officers and pulled the old man, protecting him from the police officers. Allah.. they even wanted an old man to satisfy their psychological problems. Crazy. Then they swayed their bats around to break the crowd. Me and some teenagers quickly searched for other possible victims and tried to pull them away from the hot spot. And that time, my only objective was to take sprayed victims and help them and pull possible-to-be victim from getting hit. We came in a nice way, we should go home in a nice way too. But when the police triggered it, we just need to help those who were already so angry.
Kesian makcik dan pakcik yang berniaga..
After the crowd dismissed slowly, they gathered again in front of Tabung Haji. This time, was only to have some rest and drink. I could see many of them still had their eyes watery and in pain due to the tear gas. Suddenly the police lined up, and marched. FRU trucks came and a spokesman said, "Sila bersurai sekarang atau kami akan suraikan dengan kekerasan". But most of the crowd still did not move. They were resting and drinking. A few minutes after that, a truck moved and sprayed the crowd with water cannon. I thought it was acid, but it was plain water. Pity the hawkers. Their drink waters just unsellable after that. Because their stalls got sprayed too. Just before the truck reversed, a young man came to the road and threw three mineral waters to the truck. SBs identified him and quickly chased him. The moment, the crowd quickly dispersed and ran to the building. Most of us went to the building. We ran and ran. Chased by the SBs. We ran. I ran. I saw they hit people, and I knew they would not hesitate to hit us. Some pakciks even brought their little boys and had to run to protect them. We were cornered inside the building.

In front of the building, we saw many officers guarding the door. I felt afraid. We felt it. If we stayed, SBs will hit us before they catch us. Definitely. They were retarded. Haha. So, after discussing with a pakcik, we decided to go out. Slowly. A Uni student led the frightening crowd first. The police officers in front of the door threatened to hit him. Surrounded him. Feeling afraid also, I went out. I lifted my hands up so that the cameras would see me. So, they'll unable to do anything to me. An SB met me and questioned me. My face was still so pedih the effect had not worn out yet. He released me after that. Again my chest felt hot and I coughed. Stopped walking for a while. Suddenly, the previous SB called me again, "Amik budak tu..amik budak tu.." I was in TV for this. Haha. Nervously I told him I will be gone. The crowd was gone. Only reporters left perhaps. So nervous at that time. Still, if given a chance, I would like to interview them why they were so retarded even to hit old men and teenagers. Not even in a fair fight.

I went to KLCC and met Hafidz on my way. He came alone. And he was there. Perhaps next time I should bring my camera. Cameramen got privileges. Haha.

1. This rally should be peaceful if the FRU had not come.
2. Memorandums sent to US Embassy are hoped to be paid attention.
3. Rally has a unique way to spread info and to toughen unity.
4. And personally, I think youth should be active in this. So they will be more concern about their future one day.
Business owner Abu Bakr Makhlouf is a member of Egypt's elite. He wears a stylish overcoat to ward off the chill of Tahrir Square. He wasn't politically active in the past – he used to worry about what might happen to his children. Now he's been through the tear gas and the rattling batons and thinks it's better for his family if he fights. "I will stay here – I told my wife not to wait for me. There's no way back for us," he says.
We will show our support through this rally. And we pray for a better future for you Egyptians to our God, Allah the Almighty. Amin ya rabbal 'alamin.
5. I want to participate in another rally. Insya Allah..
6. I disagree with this Mufti. He told Egyptians to stop protesting and give 7 months to Mubarak to reform. He's always been an ardent fan of Mubarak. Link.
7. Mubarak's wife is a nice person. You should read about her.


  1. and now Mubarak has 70 Billion USD..

    He sure should be put down, forever, and the money he embezzled shall be distributed to the needies.

    haih, if only the ideal is achievable.

    to quote my Tok Su "masuk dia dalam guni, hampuk je!"

    btw... wah, I really want such experience :/

  2. syazwan - oh yess.. Mubarak really did his things with people's money.. yeah, next time i want it too.. not to engage the police, but to help those who are beaten and sprayed by them. Perhaps paramedic..haha

    hanif - yupp real life story.


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