Monday, January 31, 2011


After Tunisia, the waves spreads. To Egypt. And yesterday morning I read about Sudan's.

How things started in Tunisia? Check this link. 'How Tunisia's revolution began'

This wave reaches Egypt. Hours after the revolt culminated in Tunisia, an Egyptian activist said it's a shame for the Egyptians, because Egyptians were oppressed more than the Tunisians, yet, the Tunisians were already on their way to freedom.

Mohammad ElBaradei, a leading opposition figure, former head of the International Atomic Energy Agency said "what we have begun cannot go back". News Video

Youths in Egypt also play important roles. Egypt: The youth perspective

Some police officers and soldiers also take part in the revolt, if not directly as claimed, indirectly by 'giving way' to the protesters. When some soldiers retreated after firing water-cannon, they were hugged and celebrated by the protesters.

A coverage by Robert Fisk, a prominent journalist - Egypt: Death throes of a dictatorship

"The peace between Israel and Egypt has lasted for more than three decades and our objective is to ensure that these relations will continue to exist," Netanyahu told his ministers :) Of course you hope this relation continues. If not, Palestinians will also gain benefits from this revolt. Massive benefits. Israel urges world to curb criticism of Egypt's Mubarak

Everyone grasps the message: America's word is worthless; an alliance with America is unreliable; American has lost it. A result of this understanding will be a turn toward China, Russia and regional powers such as Iran, Turkey and Brazil. Why they were so concerned? Obama's Betrayal


1. What we can do, is to pray. And to support them morally. Keep spreading the news. These revolts - if they are managed effectively, will definitely bring new hopes and lights to the Mid East region, especially to Palestine.

2. A fact that I hate - every time I go online, the first thing I do is to check on the world's news, especially the Egyptian revolt. But, I fail to REALLY know what is happening to my friends and cousin there. Sob, Syazwan Shah, Nasrul Asyraf, Manki, and others. No FB updates. Alhamdulillah, Hasan told me those two, Sob and Shah are fine.

3. I'm sorry for Hasan. I know how much he has the passion in this kind of thing. He knew things about war and history and all the things that teens at our age would unlikely know. He was asked to go home. Alhamdulillah it's a good thing he's safe. If he's still there, I'm sure he'll be on the road snapping some pictures. Somehow, setakat ini yang dah pulang ke Malaysia terasa menyesal tak berada bersama-sama rakan di sana. I'm sorry for them. Tak apa, di Malaysia pun doa masih boleh sampai. =)

4. Spread the info and news. Media is a powerful tool. Use it wisely.

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  1. 'The Domino Effect' one domino starts to fall followed by the others....


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