Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hijrah of aspect


Selamat menghayati Ma'al Hijrah. :)

Each of us has some interests and certain passion in our life. I've just discovered mine. This is the latest one. Hehe..


I like to talk about ideas. Talk physically I mean, because to write it in my blog, it is purely my weakness that I am unable to explain it simply and clearly when it comes to WRITE about my ideas.

In search of ideas
I'm in search of something. And I still don't know what that something is. I have met great ideas in my 'young' and 'short' journey. Like Hasan Al Banna's - Majmu'ah Ar Rasail for example. He organized and represented joints in Islam. In a new way and a new look. A more specific of example - Usul 'Isyriin. Although I still don't even meet the fourth and rest of the usul, I still can see the beauty of the idea - his spirit and passion in spreading the message of Islam, went to the extent that his fikrah was able to build the firm concept.

I believe what I want to understand could be achieved through philosophy. Some of my friends (syukran sangat for the concern) warned me about the dangers of philosophy - and I acknowledged even Imam al Ghazali had warned us the same thing in his Tahafut al Tahafut saying that it's poisonous. I envied my friends - some of them already took Introduction to Philosophy. To me, it's time we really clarify a dogma in our society. A doctrine of escapism - a scenario of syringe. If a syringe is filled with poison, we tend to judge the syringe itself is poisonous - even when it's empty and could possibly be used to fill something beneficial. Poison, syringe and cure. Syringe isn't always filled with poison and sword isn't always used to kill. It's time I think for us to educate our society to really face the reality instead of escaping it. We can't avoid it forever. It's time for us to use a comparative method to choose - because it's the best way in my opinion.

From good to better through a narrow and critical path
I'm astounded when I read about ulama' from the past. How Imam Syafi'e's Usul Fiqh managed to unite ahli ar ra'yi with the other group - both ulama' and were heavily criticized each other - a universal principle in understanding Fiqh in Islam. A solid function that you'll only need to fit the variables into the equation. As Syathibi even said in his Muwaffaq - a kafir could istinbath any hukum when he/she understands usul Fiqh. To shine the point more, I would like to share what Imam Ahmad, had commented regarding this;
"Kami sentiasa melaknat ahl al-ra'yi(golongan yang berpegang dengan qias) dan mereka sentiasa melaknat kami(golongan yang berpegang dengan dalil). Sehinggalah datangnya Imam As Syafi'e dengan kaedah usul fiqhnya yang telah mengeluarkan kami dari perbezaan dan perpecahan"

And how critical was Al 'Asy'ari's contribution in developing 'ilmu kalam - even an 'alim after his time said if it wasn't for al Asy'ari's daring action to bring logic into the discussion, our 'aqidah today would be very vulnerable. I read these kind of stories with passion. Situations above, where once in a blue moon would come a hero to heroically save Islam from critical situations, where if the situations had not been saved - Islam would not be here, theoretically.

Same situation happened with Abu Bakr al Baqillani when his teacher was invited by a Sultan called Fannakhusru al Buwaihi(he preferred Mu'tazilah at that time) to an intelectual debate with prominent figures of Mu'tazilah. While his teacher refused to attend the debate fearing that the Sultan's intention wasn't sincere and haram for him to be with the fasiq, kuffar and rawafid(who hates the Sahabah), Abu Bakr thought diffferently. He said to his teacher if it wasn't because of that kind of attitude during Al-Makmun's dictatorship, Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal wouldn't be tortured and fitnah wouldn't be too widespread. He then attended the debate - and masya ALLAH, he won the debate gloriously, the sultan changed his side to Ahlul Sunnah and supported them. The writer of this story commmented, if it wasn't because of Abu Bakr's brave action, Ahlul Sunnah might have vanished and extinct. -Solusi 23, Mahmudah.

The earliest of these situations happened during 'Perang Badar', when Rasulullah lifted his hand and prayed to Allah during one of the most concentrated and critical situations in Islamic history, and said,
“Ya Allah, sempurnakanlah kepadaku segala apa yang telah Engkau janjikan kepadaku. Ya Allah, berikanlah apa-apa yang telah Engkau janjikan kepadaku. Ya Allah, jika Engkau membinasakan pasukan Islam, tentulah Engkau tidak akan lagi disembah di muka bumi ini.” [Shahih Muslim]
The situations where we have an idiom for it, "Ibarat telur di hujung tanduk" - it taught us not to be overconfident. Even when the truth is on our side. Rasulullah continued his prayer during the intense scene, narrated by Bukhari,
”Ya Allah, hamba memohon kepada Engkau akan janji dan perjanjian Engkau. Ya Allah, jika Engkau berkehendak (membuat hamba kalah), Engkau tidak akan disembah setelah hari (peperangan) ini.”
313 versus 1000. 313 won. Such a narrow physical path towards success. And it will always be like that. 'Filter' as ikhwah around me describe it. 

Co-character of Hijrah
This struggle, is always about sacrifice and mujahadah, and sometimes the road ahead seems too narrow for us to pass - and we think it's impossible for us to go through. History speaks differently. I believe history is cyclical - although Fritz Ridenour agrees the other way, as he says it's linear and non-cyclical. Well, can history be both linear and cyclical? I think, yes. Just like a wheel moving in a straight line :)

Most of us already digest the exact detail of our prophet's hijrah with Abu Bakar. I would like to share one story I read from 'Biografi Muhammad bin Abdullah'. On the third day of the journey, Suraqah bin Malik rode his horse as fast as lightning. Abu Bakr saw him and quickly told Muhammad PBUH. Muhammad just told Abu Bakr to calm down without even looking to Suraqah and prayed, O Allah, save us in any way you wish. And then he continued reciting the Quran. Instantly, Suraqah and his horse fell down. Suraqah tried to get up hard - he failed three times. 'Strange' he thought. He then stopped and pleaded peace from Muhammad. "Who are you?" Rasulullah asked. "I'm Suraqah bin Malik" he answered. Muhammad offered him jewelries from Anu Syirwan, ruler of Persian at that time. Twice he asked to really confirm that Muhammad was talking about the real Anu Syirwan. He felt more perplexed, Muhammad promised him that one day Islam will defeat the Persia, the biggest kingdom at that time. Suraqah asked for an agreement letter so he could show it to the Muslims when the day comes. He reverted during the opening of Taif by Rasulullah.

During Umar Al Khattab's period, the Persian was defeated by the Muslims and the ghanimah was sent to Khalifah 'Umar. In the ghanimah, were the jewelries of Anu Syirwan. 'Umar called Suraqah in front of the crowd to give him his reward, Muhammad's promise - the jewelries of Anu Syirwan to him and asked Suraqah to tell his story to the crowd. And Suraqah cried.. Just cried. Perhaps missing the lovely prophet and his first engagement with him.

I invite readers - not to only see Hijrah from its physical aspect. But from its philosophical aspect behind the event, the examples from its characters, and its idealistic essence. Because Rasulullah's hijrah was not a mere hijrah - its a set of shining examples. Phase of Makkah and phase of Madinah; phases that contained invaluable information of Rasulullah's journey. Read, learn, understand, 'feel', act, and spread. I am really nothing and no one to tell you all this, I just want you to feel the same passion as I do when I read about our prophet's sirah. Wallahu a'lam.


  1. to learn sirah will be an understatement if we are not taking it into an extent to understand it - as the fiqh sunnah/sirah offers us.

    Good job bro. Vital points are well-elucidated in this post.

    May the passion be the driving force - of harnessing energy, insyaAllah.

    and be the legacy builders :)

  2. syazwan, yep. i agree wholly with you - it wound be an understatement.

    insya ALLAH, the 'energy' will be harnessed. and i'll be one, am going to be, on my way to be..

    by the way, bro, if nidzam already 'will have' kirit as his last name.. whats urs? hehe.. it isnt fair both of you teased me that day without im knowing whats urs..if there is.. ;p

  3. salam maal hijrah..
    pengisian yang baiklah entry ni...

  4. alhamdulillah. moga dapat tingkatkan iman kita.

  5. assalam...nice entry...selamat berdakhwah..


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