Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Particle Physics Song


While I was a bit down, worrying how bad I have done in my Further Mathematics Pure Test 2, a friend, Syazwan Azhar, a good friend came to cheer me up with this video.

So, as this video had caused me to laugh the moment the first frame animated until the last frame froze, I hope it do bring you the joy too.

I have known a few who have some 'love' in Physics - so, I wish to dedicate this video to them. You know, even at the starting point, I knew this would have been a very tough journey. Full of numbers. You can't help missing your real practical things. Up to this point, I have been studying some intangible and untouchable laws - not like chemistry and bio where you can really view what operate behind them, Physics a bit different.

While Pure Math and Further Pure are really doing their work - keep students 'high', Economics is worse than Form 5 Additional Math as it's graphs are more hideous than Add Maths'. Trigono functions' graphs are better :)

So, to Asyraf Roslan (Manchester will-be graduate), Syazwan Azhar (U.S will-be graduate), Thaaqhib (Future ustaz-physicist), Farhan DQ-UIA and Syazwan Shah who is sadly now pursuing his medical degree at Egypt, and for all who love this beautiful creation of Allah, accept my 'cenderahati'. May it motivate us to pursue the night of Lailatul Qadr.

This video is about particle physics, one of the branches in Physics. Their mission is to understand this world. Some of the mysteries yet unsolved are -
1) Matter has their very partner called anti-matter. Every particle. Like electron with positron. The only differences are their charges and spins. So, when these two particles collide, they will annihilate and convert into pure energy 100% efficiency. So, physicists are in the adventure to find where did the anti-matter go? Some postulate if they find an efficient way(s) in anti-matter issue, they might solve the energy crisis. Nuclear explosions at Hiroshima and Nagasaki - the efficiency is only nearly 1%. Matter annihilates with anti-matter 100%.
2) Why is our gravity so weak? What causes gravity? Mere presence of mass causes space and time to warp, that's gravity, but what causes it? Some postulate graviton as the particle.
3) The existence of another dimensions. Masya Allah.
4) Dark matter and dark energy. You know, the whole universe, what we can see only make up 4% of this whole universe. The 4% is the stars, galaxy, planets, nebulae, and all the things you can see. The rest is dark......(pasang muzik Puaka Niyang Rapik)

....and many more to be known! ^.^

Haha.. One good thing about CERN worth sharing. Despite the greatest technology the have on Earth, and they created the Internet accidentally, they use bicycle in CERN! So 'go green' isn't it?

For those who wants to know what is CERN, this video explains what they do. Acap shared this! Oh..good friends I have around me. Alhamdulillah..


  1. shukran. sejuk hati tgok video cern. TQ.

    Jalan yang permulaan dia dah dekat. sikit lagi.. dan kita collab

    doakan dapat sejuk hati tgok kaabah neh. tgh berurusan.

  2. anyway... lagu rap..xtertahan.. konfem keje penat neh.. tp..xpe..passion!

  3. whoa!

    cant wait to see u guys collaborate one day.

    gegarkan dunia yup!

  4. thaaqhib - insya ALLAH.. fi amanillah~
    standard la lagu rap, depa bukan study medicine... hehe.. medicine formal lagi.. hoho

    pengembara - whoa! gegarkan dunia yup! with u included too...


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