Thursday, July 1, 2010

Feministic Affair



*Warning. You may regard this post as the 'outlier' in my blog. (Calculate the Inter-quartile range yourself..)*

"Hey Asif, don't you realize that people dress very weirdly here?" Ashton asked.
"Em, no, it should be normal for you.. Isn't it? I mean, to me, all these 'open' dress are not suitable. It just keep getting guys feel 'strange'. Don't you feel that?" I answered.
"Yeah, I know I know, but, they really dress weirdly?. Look, she wears a very short pants, yet she wears a jacket. She's cold, but, that's it, she's a fashion victim.." he said.


I don't know. It is just unfair. When KTM introduced the "Koc Wanita" - pink colored, the feminist movements roared. Lionesses gathered on the pride. Angry-looking speakers. Known -SOL, Sisters of Liberalism, condemned the action. Discrimination. Sexism. Equality. Not to mention the so-called Sisters in Islam. Eventually, make them look very silly. To those who have the basic knowledge at least. You would burst into laughter.

When feminism pervades, still, I think, there is still one point they missed. The very point that would benefit me, and my kind - male. Allah.. I hope, one day, all those 'extreme' feminists could get back on their sense and fight for their kind. Instead of commenting on certain issues which should be addressed with knowledge and respect in the circulation, they should focus more on this point.

If Disney was to be blamed for their insensitivity towards gender issues, I guess the ones who stood in the face of feminism should be responsible too for their ignorance towards the degrading of woman's dignity. What? The 'open'ness of woman's dress. Didn't someone notice something? The 'unfairness' and injustice women have to face? Imbalance coverage of area. The coldness and heat they had to face in order to meet the demand of today's world. Even if it is to the extend of sacrificing their dignity.

The most weird thing is - when the feminist movements are too busy to claim their 'equality', isn't it unfair only their kind in the public is responsible for getting the other kind sexually aroused? Betrayal of morality. Didn't they get mad when only their kind dominated the field? Field of satisfying lust. After Prophet Muhammad came with Islam lifting woman's honor and dignity, today's world did the opposite.

I acknowledge your contributions towards woman's protection, woman's rights and et cetera. But, this point is the root. Once men start to address your kind with respect and equal, these issues will recede. Our Prophet had proven that.

I pray to Allah, may the feminists fight for the real cause. Islam comes as the solution. Fight your rights along with Islam, you may find peace within your heart.

Muslimah, proud of your religion. At least you won't have to feed from attention. You are free. Be proud.


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