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Light and Life [Part 2]



"Cuba ko pikir elok-elok, kalau tangan kita sentuh something, apa bertemu apa?" Syazwan Shah memulakan perbincangan..
"Ape ni shah? tak paham la..."
"Aku cakap, apa dengan apa? Neutron dengan neutron ke? atau electron dengan neutron? ape mende yang kita sentuh ni?"...
"Oh.. entah.. macam susah nak pikir, (masa tu tengah PUI Spm).. apa jawapan die?"
It continues to stir my mind since.........until two weeks ago. When I was watching "The Universe 2", Alex Flippinkov if I'm not mistaken talked about fusion reaction. He said in order to fuse two atoms, enormous energy is needed. For example, we see the sun shines very brightly. The light itself is only a little portion of what is being produced by the hydrogen-helium fusion. He said everything we touch, we don't actually touch it. Our atoms do not touch each other in case of discrete objects. Like my hand and the table, it is actually the electrons that prevent my hand from 'touching' the table. As every nucleus has swarms of electrons orbiting, it is the electron's repel force that repel the other side to come in contact. When negative with negative, they repel. Right now, I'm floating on the chair.. :)


Of Knowledge, Akhlaq and Colors

Salam. You are now reading my blog. A colorful blog. This post - is about color. Sometimes, I do feel ashamed of myself. Not sometimes actually, most of the times. Ironically, when my heart praises the beauty of color my action contradicts it. Hallelujah - Praise be to God my friend said. It feels bad when you are praising someone or his doing or action, at the same time you raise a middle finger to him. Or when you are amazed with somebody's work, at the same time you ruins it. You know what I mean right? When your heart blossoms, your body wilts. When you know something, you don't have the strength to interpret it in your life, or at least spread it. Allah.. That is a very regrettable thing. Last week I went to UIA to perform my Juma'ah prayer, the khutbah was different. To me at least, his every word sliced my heart. It felt like I have been hit by a Samurai with his Hidden Mitsurugi Style, or at most the Seven-headed Dragon Thrust. He said, we often failed to set our priorities straight and right. Muslims today have failed because of that. Umar R.A once said, "I'm not afraid of their strength, weaponry, or even their numbers. What I worry about is sins among us that will delay Allah's help".

How does color form? We often stunned(2 seconds with 365 damages..haha..) with the beauty of nature. Specifically, at first with their mixture or colors. So, how does the colors we see are formed? What determines which materials emit these colors and which materials absorb them all? I'll try to make it as simple and lucid as possible. I'll try to elucidate it briefly at subatomic level. Ok. Now, let us warm-up our imagination. The journey starts now... Imagine.

A nucleus consists of protons with positive charge and neutron with no charge. Strong nuclear force binds neutrons and protons together. If not, your protons will repel each other because of their positive charge. Now, you have an imperfect atom which has positive charges. So in order for your atom to be perfectly neutral, add up some swarms of electrons, around hundreds to thousands unit. Like bees, electrons are depicted that way. They move like tunas or anchovies, of course in an orderly pattern. In the aspect that these electrons, they do not collide each other. Got the picture? Now, move the electrons. Make they move 300 km/s(it is kilometer per SECOND, not hour..fast isn't it?) and never collide. Divide them into levels. Two or three or four. Amazing right? As they are moving, now set their orbit around your nucleus. Before that, you have to understand why the electrons are orbiting the nucleus. It is because, your nucleus is positively charged, so negatively charged electrons are attracted to it. Then, because the electrons are so fast, they do not crash into your nucleus, instead they revolve around it. Like the earth and sun. :) An equilibrium of force of attraction and centrifugal force. Now, you have a complete atom, a neutral atom. The positively charged protons are neutralized by your negatively charged electrons.

Now, electrons play an important role in forming colors. Let us stay focus. Light, mainly white light consists of seven colors in it. Each color has different wavelength. Which means each has different energy. Briefly put, when white light hits your atom, it directly hits your electron swarm. When this happens, your electrons excite - because light contains photons, pack of energy. So, when this happens, electrons absorb the energy to revolve at a higher level. If before the electrons revolved at level 4, this time when they received light, they revolve at level 5. Then, after some time, they return to their original level of shell. At the expense of their return, they emit some photons in which they absorb momentarily earlier. These photons are the colors.

Simply concluded, electrons absorb some 'color's and emit the others. For example, black color. It is black because electrons absorb all of the colors. White - because electrons emit all of the seven colors back. Red - electrons absorb other colors and emit red color. Understand? :)
I put this as simple as possible, so we can share this phenomenal creation of Allah.

For higher levels -

Absorption A photon of light will be absorbed if its’ energy corresponds to the gap between two energy states. The main examples within this group are excitation of a ground state electron (in the HOMO) into the higher energy excited electronic configuration (or LUMO). The molecules considered can be simple metal ions or conjugated organic molecules (e.g. β-carotene).

Scattering – This is the process by which the path of light changes due to multiple refractions and reflections. Scattering centers are often present in opaque objects.

EmissionThis is when an excited electronic state relaxes back into the ground state thereby releasing a photon of energy equivalent to the energy separation of the two levels involved. The observed color corresponds to the wavelength of the photon emitted. This is the basis behind both phosphorescence and fluorescence.


Philosophical assertion -> As a human, as a Muslim, I ought to know about my religion. I am expected to master my Prophet's history, as well as my religion's Golden Age. I also need to live just as my Prophet lived, in accordance with the Holy Book and Muhammad's example, peace be upon him. Regardless the condition, I am also obliged to spread the pure message of Islam, just as my Prophet said, "Ballighu 'Anni walau ayah..". In the orbit of Muslims, it is a continuous process of Islah and Da'wah, based on our Qudwah Hasanah, Muhammad bin Abdullah. While in the outer orbit, Da'wah and Qudwah spearheading this manifestation.

As I am a Muslim, I am illuminated. Illuminated and enlightened by the light of hidayah and Iman. All Muslims are like that.
"From Allah has come to you a Light and a Book manifest." (5:15)
Qadi `Iyad said: "He [the Prophet] was named a Light because of the clarity of his case and the fact that his Prophecy was made manifest, and also because of the illumination of the hearts of the believers and the knowers of Allah with what he brought".

From Allah had come to us two lights - Rasulullah and Al-Quran. Muslims are the ones who have been shone by these glorious and the only existing lights in this world. We know the best way to live our life. We have the Greatest Book hitherto and forever unbeatable. We have the best person ever lived as the Qudwah. Muslims around the world = 1.6 billion. But, why the world isn't as bright as it is ought to be? After past generations of torchbearers' struggle and success, the world today isn't bright? Do we know why?

1400 years ago, the illuminated ones received light after eons of darkness. They delivered the message. The did their responsible as best as they could as the light bringers. They healed the world. History talked - in an amazingly short period Muhammad had been able to change the Arab regions. Turned his people upside down. From darkness to the light. He continued to enlighten his companions and his people. By the Grace of Allah, his companions later on became torch bearers - spread throughout the world, enlightening the world.

Yesterday is history. That's what Master Oogway said in Kung Fu Panda. Today, our world is not as bright as yesterday. The day seems dimer and darker. Darkness exists if light is absence - or if it is full of black. Our world today - did it not receive any light from Allah? Don't the inhabitants of the earth have been enlightened? If yes, why is the world so dark today? Muslims are one of the largest communities on the earth. There should be enough light.


Muslims have become the black atoms. We received the light, but we absorb it all to ourselves without emitting any. We know our Prophet's history but we didn't follow and set an example to others. We have been blessed with the tauhid yet we don't appreciate it. We have the Greatest Book yet we don't even bother to open it. Sometimes, we even act like we haven't been enlightened yet. Of course, there are Muslims who shine like stars nowadays, but their light eventually has been absorbed by black atoms around them. The light couldn't make it way to enlighten the others. Even more sadly, there are groups of people who called themselves 'the illuminated ones" due to their knowledge of inter-dimensional communication - Illuminati. And they really are 'illuminating' this world with their knowledge.

If we really are a Muslim. Then, we ought to submit ourselves fully to Allah. By physically manifesting it, we'll eventually become the white atoms. We receive and we emit. We have been blessed with valuable knowledge. We know how to live our life. We know how to live by the Book. We have absorbed the light of Allah. It's time we emit it back so others can know and feel. We have nothing to hide, nothing to mask. As a Muslim, "Ilmu and Amal" play an important role. Only with this, we can be white atom. As the source of light is from Allah, we play our role by absorbing the knowledge and emitting it by akhlaq and amal. From the knowledge, we manifest. It is up to us, the Muslims to make this world bright again. As we are the white atoms, torchbearers and light bringers. May God bless us.


Abu `Ubayda ibn Muhammad ibn `Ammar ibn Yasir said: I said to al-Rubayyi` bint Mu`awwadh: "Describe for me Allah's Messenger." She replied: "If you saw him you would say: The sun is rising."

Allahuma Solli 'ala Muhammad. Peace be upon him.

Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is mystery. Today is a gift. That's why it is called present. -Oogway, Kungfu Panda.

Let's start today, by illuminating our heart! :)



1. This post remains as an opinion only. Any misinformation and inaccurate explanation is highly hoped to be corrected.

2. The formation and constituents of the atoms are not as simple as explained. It is just a method of explaining.

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