Wednesday, January 13, 2010

An effort Lillah

Salam. As the issue keeps reverberating throughout the cosmic, I would like to call upon Muslims to do what we can. Personally, my tendency is NOT TO AGREE with the usage of the word Allah.
Thus, for those who have the very same opinion with me, while waiting let us do something. Let us introduce to the community who is Allah. "My God is one and only. I worship him without any divided loyalty. Because I know he's one. When I say one, I mean it. It's simple. I know some are confused. Whos gonna have more? The Son, Father or Spirit? Of course, three different identities are to be regarded as one. It's confusing. I have tried to look at my mother and regard her as my father. But, I just cant super impose that complete and wonderful identity. It would make her weird. She's already beautiful. Does it matter with you? Well, try to have a peek into our creed. You'll find it simply amazing. He didn't have any Son, nor will He sacrifice His loved ones in order to forgive sins, because He's All Forgiving. Allahu Ahad!"


  1. No compromise,defend this issue until we win,that's all and be perseverance..

  2. di mana titik persamaan andai perbezaan kita temukan?


    tuhan kamu,tuhan kamu!


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