Saturday, October 24, 2009

Debat dan Cuti

Salam. Semalam, hari ini dan esok sepatutnya persijilan balik. Tapi..

Sabtu, 9.30 pagi. I asked the organizer bila nak start debat. He said it was called off. What?! Called off? It was final. We don't call off final stage that easy. Later I checked, it was my friend who did it. He's one of us. He didnt want to mess with our holiday. But, he didnt tell us. While me and Salman had already batal our cuti for this sake. Hmm. It's okay. He has the good intention. Wudhu' then. 'panas'. We dapat 2nd place anyway.

Look friends. We may plan things meticulously. Sometimes, things get too critical and exasperating, we can't even prepare a backup plan. Eficacy may vary, depends on us. But thats it. When I knew the debate was called off, I became sad. Suddenly, I heard Ayaz's voice, saying Asif, bila nak balik? Rindula. Tears dropped. I miss them. With exam waiting for me at the end of the road, I need their support. 3.81 is not good enough for me, this sem is tougher but 4.0 is not impossible!

Miss my family! :'(


  1. Moga terus thabat atas jalan ni
    ujian tanda kasih-sayangNya
    Asif kuat . . .

  2. huh..
    kami merindui abang kami juga!
    semoga berjaya!

  3.'s ok...relax ye...
    sometimes things just don't go the way we want them ti be...
    and just remember that Allah's planning is the greatest planning ever and that there must be something good waiting for you...
    3.81... was great! seriously...
    but I know you can do better...
    so strive for 4 flat ya Asif...

    p/s: sorry ayat terabur...penat br balik camping...

  4. bila exam?ma'at-taufiq wan-najah

  5. Anon -> Syukran. AMin ya Rabbal Alamin

    shishi -> thanks

    Qis ->yeah. I guess so. that would be clearer then. 4 flat? INsya Allah, but, the probability is higher when sem 3.

    Hakeem -> ha. lagi dua minggu. syukran. mu jugak kim..hehe


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