Monday, April 15, 2013

Beautiful - Euler's identity

Just arrived home this morning. Hoping to join the task force for PR in KL. Still waiting for further instruction.

In the midst of this intense political weather, men must not forget to attend the prayer at mosque and to maintain their akhlaq. It's easy to lose your cool head especially when you meet someone who is so irrational in front of hard evidence. Fanatics, or as we students prefer to call them, macai. But even I may be in the same spot as him in his view. Wallahu a'lam. May Allah guide us and free us from fanaticism and blind obedience.

My best friend, Asyraf Roslan showed me this identity. And hitherto, it is the most beautiful identity I've ever seen. It is known as Euler's Identity. Want to know more about Euler? Click

Why suddenly? Today is his birthday. He was an exceptional mathematician. I'm a student of science and math, so I think our Malaysian society should know more about these wonderful heroes of the world that have contributed so much to the world without us realizing it. So, check out the grand identity of Euler, as Richard Feynman(physicist) put it, 'the most remarkable formula in mathematics'.
Euler's Identity

Beautiful isn't it? Just simple, elegant, wonderful, and truly magnificent. Masya Allah.

Selamat berPRU dengan berakhlaq dan selamat.


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