Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Hari ini birthday Baba.

I love him so much. But I rarely have the courage to say 'I love you' face to face. Only through sms.

I learned so much from him. He teaches me how real men should behave.

Sometimes, I got overboard. He was cool and patience. He waited, and reasoned with me. He cooled me with reasons and explanations. But often, he chose to let things settle down before he started to reason.

He does not compromise when it comes to our obedience to our mother. Often, when other things he kept quiet, he will clearly warn us, about how children should obey and respect their mother. And he has shown the best example. Despite his style, we could see that he was a very soleh son. He did everything a son could do. Until the day my tokmek tok ayah passed away, I could see how he served them personally.

When they died, he did not cry in front of us. But I know he cried heavily behind us. Allah has blessed me with a clear example of a soleh son. And he is my dad.

Often, my dad will always keep quiet when it comes to arguing. Even my mum said, one of the reasons she loves my dad because he was so gentlemen, he will let my mum win in arguments. Although my mum will eventually follow his decision.

He loved knowledge and never stop learning. He has the humility to ask his son to teach him Tajwid al Quran, and about other things. He always tadabbur alQuran.

He is not from any Islamic school or any background education of sort, but he taught us, men must always go to mosque. That's one of the criterias of being a man. He always told us, when someone asks you for money or help, give. It's your obligation to help, and don't worry about yourself, Allah will take care that. I never saw him say no to any beggars. Not even once. In the midst of our financial hardship, he was so generous.

His tawakkal was unbelievable. There was one time, my bike was stolen. I was so afraid. I thought he would be angry. And when I told him, he said, "Takpelah rezeki orang. Kalau baik, kita dapat balik motor itu. Kalau tak. Tak apa". Two days later a drug addict found the bike. Alhamdulillah. My dad even gave him some money.

Somehow, I respect him so much for reasons I can't explain. I don't know how to explain it. And I love him. I see in him a good son, a good man and a good husband. And, for all that matter, a good father. May Allah bless you heaven together with Mama.

Thank you baba. Asif sayang sangat kat baba. Terima kasih sebab jaga Asif. I am what I am today, because of you. And I hope I can be a good husband and father like you.

P/s - I told my dad today, I scored 98% for my calculus. He said that it was a very meaningful present for his bday and ucapan motivasi. Perhh..anak lelaki mana tak menangis bapak cakap macam tu.

P/s - he never told me. But I know he read my blog. He often said things that I dont mention outside, only here. And it happened so many times, I thought he was one of my regular readers.


  1. Uncle, anak sulung uncle available tak? Ada orang dah tersangkut ni :p

  2. Nidzam - thank you! I'll say my best friend said this :)

    Anon - tak.

  3. Our dads are our fans lol!

    Huuu. Hope we will inherit all the good qualities of our dads, insyaAllah


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