Saturday, November 5, 2011

A World Without Islam

Palestine has just been accepted as a new member of UNESCO. As a concern citizen of this world, I embrace the news happily. UNESCO is an agency within UN that deals with education, culture, and science. I see this success as a swift move for Palestine to be 'recognized' by the whole world. My friends posted a video in Facebook showing the reading of the voting results. The situation was so exhilarating, after one by one said "YES" supporting Palestine to be accepted. 107-14 was a big difference. I perked up when countries like China, France and Russia voted 'YES'. The moment the result was announced, crowds jumped and clapped celebrating Palestine as the new member. We are talking about delegates here, international representatives. One of the delegates even shouted out "Long Live Palestine!" in French. It's like a bully with a frightened kid, when the bully got punished, the kid will jump in joy happy to see the bully got what he deserved. Same situation.

The membership granting to Palestine brought a whole new level of benefits exposure to them. Therefore, UNESCO now is entitled to the protection of natural and cultural heritages in Palestine - though it will take time for Palestine to nominate their heritages to be included in the World Heritage List. Palestine therefore has brought their efforts to protect their homeland, including Al Aqsa to be internationally recognized. And it's good Alhamdulillah, because as I'm typing, Israel is doing all-out their unwelcome excavation in the vicinity of Al Aqsa. Wallahul musta'an.

AP journalist and reporter, Matt banged US spokeswoman with heavy questions.
Not surprisingly, shortly after UNESCO announced Palestine as a UNESCO member, US cut its funding to UNESCO worth 60 million, which was one-fifth of UNESCO's whole funding. Both Israel and US proposed the idea that the acceptance of Palestine in the organization will interrupt the 'peace-process' between Israel and Palestine. They thought the step taken by Palestinians will make the peace process harder for both parties. Peace process? How long have you been 'peace-processing'? F*** you Israel! Thousands of children, old people, innocent men and women died, you still care about your peace-process? And you said the innocents who died were collateral damage? Thousands of lives were regarded as collateral damage? Again, f*** you Israel! .

The US spokeswoman even said "I think that the fundamental consequence for both sides is that we’re not getting closer to two states living side by side in peace and security". Living side by side in peace and security? Stop joking. Clearly, 159 countries disagreed with you, and still you said their actions were 'regrettable, premature, and undermines our shared goal of a comprehensive, just, and lasting peace in the Middle East'? What is that? I view your reasoning as flawed and distorted, as you acted only in favor of Israel. You failed to see US's interests in this, you just see how much more you can babysit Israel. You can do better than this US.

The events unfolding are getting more interesting. Palestine, Arab Springs, Muslims in the Western and their integration. And I think, it is a wise decision for me to start to know seriously about world politics. In which from the projectile of my decision, I bought a book, "A World without Islam". To me this book is very useful for anyone to understand the basic nature of conflicts happening to Middle east. And I recommend you to buy one, as it will broaden your way of viewing history and the philosophy behind it. And for you to know, Islam, is not as bad as it was portrayed in the media, in fact, better. :)

You'll understand international politics better, and you'll know who to blame. It's not the soldiers and US citizens, it's the policy makers.

So, let us join the world wide movement, in cause at least. BDS. Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions against Israel. This is our best option as a community. We hit them, and hit them hard. Start boycotting as hard as you can. Subsitute - McD, Pepsi, Coca Cola, Nestle. Spread the awareness. Spread the news. Spread love and care for Palestine, and for any part in the world who that is being oppressed.

Iraq Veterans against the War. I recommend you also to visit this site.

* I'm aware that I'm not portraying this issue the way a Muslim should address it, with two vulgar words for the record. I'm just getting emotional when it comes to this.

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  1. hah, sekarang canada pulak nak join cut funding, and of course Israel..

    Pastu france pulak abstaining their vote.

    Still there are 103 countries in favor of Palestine.

    They will make it, insyaAllah :)


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