Sunday, October 16, 2011

Who's going to pray for me?

It is usual that my mum and I will have a catch-up conversation to keep each other up to date in the car. She knows she has a busy son, and I know I like to talk to her about everything.

One day, when we were having the conversation, my mum expressed her uncomfortable feelings. She said that she was getting old, and soon will die. The way she told me - it was serious. Then I told her, just for the sake of comforting her - hell no son would want their parents die - to relax, because she had seven children, in which we all were taught to never skip prayers for our parents. I said, she was a good daughter, my dad was a good son - I'm sure insya Allah that Allah will repay those deeds with good children. If she dies, we are there to pray for her. I'm just saying to comfort her - death is inevitable, to say it's not her time yet is foolish, to tell her to think of something else other than death is unwise. The only option was to comfort her that her after-life will be as good as she can imagine.

But, suddenly the tide changed. My mum said, she was not worrying about who was going to pray for her, because she knew that her children will always pray for her. She said the only thing she was worrying when she thought of death was, "Who will be praying for us if she's not here anymore?". Speechless. I wanted to respond, but the words couldn't come out from my mouth. I couldn't think of anything else.

We often think that mum's prayers are powerful when they are angry - but we forget - it is because of mum's prayers that we are all blessed with good things. Good life, good results, good university, good food, good body, good friends, good family. When we do something wrong, we often think that we can repent anytime. After all, God never punish us badly for doing something wrong. But maybe we forget, we are forgiven in the reason of our mum's prayers to Allah for us. I don't think I can make it this far if it wasn't because of her prayers.

"Life is either for a person, or against him. It's hours and seconds, days and years pass him by. Leading him by his actions to the love and good pleasure of Allah until he is amongst people of Ultimate Success and the Garden of Paradise. Or they are against him, leading him by his actions to the Fires of Hell and to the Anger of the One, the Just Ruler[Allah]. Life, either it will make you laugh and rejoice for an hour over which you will cry for an eternity in the Hereafter. Or it will make you cry for an hour over which you will laugh and rejoice for an eternity in the Hereafter." Syeikh Muhammad Mukhtar, The Goodly Life

Funny thing - kami pernah pasang video ini dekat peserta program. In the end, most AJK yang nangis lebih-lebih. Hayati video ni..the feeling you will feel dalam hati, trust me - it is GENUINE.

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