Friday, September 16, 2011

Au Revoir[2]

I tend to have maybe slow and not many, close and personal relationship with people. I might not be very friendly- which is mainly due to my inferiority complex. Not because I don't want to. But, when I'm hooked to someone, I will hold him/her very dearly. And my kind of relationship is somewhat a kind of slow pace relation. As far as I'm concerned. Even if I know that person only for a while.

This time, two of them were on their way to U.K. One to Oxford. And one to Manchester.

Rahman Rozali
He went to Oxford to further his in laws.

He was my senior. In school. Also my senior in taekwondo. He was one from few others who had his kicks executed beautifully and perfectly in our DoJang once. His kicks were amazingly perfect. He was also my senior in another art - where they practiced martial art using aura. He was also my mentor in survival skills. And kami satu bulatan gembira :D

His Quran was superb. His makhraj and tajwid - when you listen to him reading Quran, you will automatically say "Masya Allah". Beautiful voice, perfect makhraj, tajwid, tarannum, lahjah. Everything.

Still, as I am the pengarah for the upcoming Explorace for my school, he even said to me to Skype him whenever I want to ask his advice regarding this matter.

Although he went there for not more than 2 years, but I think we will miss him when we go camping. Surely.
With our naqib.
Asyraf Roslan a.k.a Capo
He went to Manchester to study Physics. He wishes to work at CERN. Amin.

We call each other by that name. I have one more close friend in this trio, named Omar. We call him Maro. They call me Sipo. So, he is my best friend. We've been through so much together. Of course, we had a fight once. And then we cool until now.

We knew each other when we were in Form 3, tahfiz together. He lend me his book, Warcraft Archives. And from that day, I started to add English novels and books in my list. We have been gaming together since we were form 4 if I am not mistaken. The first game was Star Wars Battlefront. Then LOTR The Battle of Middle-Earth. Then DOTA until now. Sometimes we shifted to first-person-shooter games like COD, but he became dizzy so fast. Haha. We play hitherto.
The whole line is our friends. Mini-gathering. :) Usually we play in 10 persons.
One of the most wonderful memories we have was when we went to A Famosa to watch SMM Dota Final. And during our journey, our cars (in which both of the cars were his, I drove one) were spotted by speed trap. Few months later, surat saman sampai. Haaaaaaa...
Di The Curve, this year's final SMM Dota took place. Asyraf - wears the white shirt in the centre.
He was the one who also made me interested in physics. His questions and his conversations really hooked me up. He has helped me a lot. Physically, emotionally, and financially. Thanks for everything.

Siiru 'ala barakatillah. Love you so much [sumpah geli nak cakap ni..tapi ni hakikat.]




  1. Haha thanks sipo2. Patik menunggu kedatangan Tuan Hamba tahun depan ya. Manchester au, jgn London.

  2. perh [erh hebat hebat kawan asif.

    ok asyraf tu kawan aku jugak..haha perasan ..


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