Tuesday, January 4, 2011



To some, it may be insignificant. To me, it is significant. I realize somehow that my time in this world is shorter. And I know, not for long from now, Dajjal will come. Or he has already come. I don't know. Despite the lameness shown by most conspiracy theorists, I still believe in some theories. Insya ALLAH, I would like to share it with you some day, in details.

This year, I got a nice opening for the year, I hope, Amin. A new place, and a new set of subjects. Physics, Mathematics, and Further Mathematics, and Thinking Skills. Pray for me.

This year also, a kickstart for us, the alumnae to REALLY help Al-Amin. Insya ALLAH, may Allah ease it, and help with our plans.

* I've recently become obsessed with the idea of alternate universes. With how the idea is closely connected with decisions we make in our daily life and 'deja vu' phenomenon.

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