Thursday, October 21, 2010

Deep inside..

I have gone to Terengganu and Langkawi past few weeks. Trips that taught me many things. Been a busy period. I will write about them later.

Sometimes, what we perceive aren't what as we perceive them.
Yet, sometimes we perceive things as what they are.
Or as they should be perceived.

I don't know. But, I will never give up though. To search about the meaning of this life. Perhaps my life.
After all, do our life means the same? Or not. I don't know.

I don't know. Few weeks ago, I learned that Adam was not the first human. He's the first complete creation. Ahsani taqwim. The reasoning were quite strong.
Yet, I'm still in dilemmas. Were I to accept this. I mean, throughout history some facts were really have been distorted. Explicitly.
Miller's experiment for example. Darwinism can be a good set of example of how hundreds of discoveries were lies and deceptions. We cannot think scientists are some kind of people who devoted their life wholly to science. Not all. There would be some I mean.
After all, we still need to revolve around some more powerful inspirations. Some will have faith, or ideology, or perhaps just a person.

Sometimes, I think of changing my direction. From physics, to history. Or philosophy. Or mysticism. Or maybe mythology. I don't know if what I think is right. But, I think Allah has put all of His signs along the time line of our life. Explicitly or implicitly. I don't know.

Why? I stumbled upon some discoveries early of this year. About Dajjal. Not some exaggerated conspiracy theories I assured you. About how historians have found consistent signs of a mystery man. From the unprecedented mathematics of Mayan culture, the genius map networking at the Stonehenge, the genius hidden code of Terracotta armies' face impressions, to the myth of Merlin, to the designs and drawings in the pyramids and its architecture, and the list continues. Strangely, they found a consistent message in these wonders. From a man, will come to the end of the time. Weird and creepy isn't it? Heh. I felt that too.

Another weird thing emerged recently in me. I have been easily taken by the beauty of language and arts. Like I have been abducted from aliens of literature, or monsters of rhythm in when I listen to them. A Samad Said, he's a genius. Scheherazade's a beautiful song. Of course, not to take the story into account. Suddenly I feel myself so in love with these things. Allah..

You cannot escape to adore the design of the sky, the mystery of dark energy, the beauty of the precision, but you cannot also take your heart off from the beauty of literature, music, moral, emotion, system and the most important thing, they all take you to their owner. Allah.. Thank you Allah for creating these beautiful creature. I hope to meet you soon.. And I just also knew, Muhammad was the greatest man ever lived. I just miss him so much when I think of You. I don't know. Perhaps I want you to send him again to our world. Cure my world. Heal it. But, I know, it won't happen.

It's up to us then, cute earthlings to continue the job.


  1. bro..mari baca sejarah..

    orang fizik..lahirnya dari filosofi..even fizik hanya dipakai nama fizik masa awal 1900. sebelum tu..semua buku ditulis dgn title filosofi. sebab pemerhatian tanpa ujian. u know better

    dan..sejarah ketamadunan, which saya involve sgt2..adalah sgt berkaitan dgn sains..sebab hanya dgn ketamadunan itulah kita dapat sambungkan dots2. dan ofcourse kita akan lebih berminat dgn sejarah tamadun lampau..instead of islamic..

    dan.. percayalah..setiap ahli fizik..ada persamaannya. baca sejarah. dan kita rasa sangat dekat.

    ni tgh lemas dalam library alex neh

  2. We have the same dilemma akh.

    That's why I will not give up. US offers wide variety and flexibility of studying.

    i am thinking to meet my passion to take philosophy as my minor - if course, JPA wont allow me if i would want to completely change my major (as Philosophy is BA, while physics is BS)

    Hah, so that's mean, i will not forsake any of my interest (hah, physics is playing hard for me to catch nowadays : kurang zikir ke kurang fikir. wallahua'lam)

    Hah, and this is also a subtle invitation for you to come with me to US =)

    Philosophy needs science to maintain its validity and science needs philosophy to make it develops. hah, either one is good.

    Istikharah la.

  3. Aaaa. I find it very hard to understand your way of thinking, but I'll support.

    Just an article, if you mind to read. Its just that we have to see eye to eye in working out this matter. Check your fb inbox.

  4. Thaaqhib - adoi. jelesnya orang tu.. tempat die kaya ilmu.. insya ALLAH.. one day, i'll ask ur help to connect the dots..

    Syazwan - yappp.. betul!!!! physics and philosophy are closely related.. i cant see how. yet. but i do know.. hehe. invitation? hehe. insya ALLAH.. kalau Allah izinkan, i'll meet u there... :)

    hanif - catek ar! haha.. kenapa cayalah?

    NNTR - U'll understand one day. I'll find time. :) thanks.


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