Wednesday, May 19, 2010

First Challenge..




Precise word to describe my first days.

Tomorrow is the 'Draw Muhammad Day'. 20 May. Where at the other side, Islam haters are gathering and working together to draw our prophets(Muhammad and Isa). In our side, Alhamdulillah Allah leads my way, I met these 'wakeupproject' guys, and with their powerful video-editing techniques, they have made a campaign in order to counter this destructive wave of offense on our beloved Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. Click here to watch the intro.

Responding to my brothers, tomorrow I will not log in my Facebook account. As a sign of protest. I know physically it will bring no effect. I guess my time for FB can be converted to time for blogging. Let us all highlight the kindness of our prophet. Besides, what else to highlight? Telling the stories of our Prophet is already telling his kindness. There will be nothing besides kindness and wisdom. Right?

For you to know more about the wake-up project.-
Their first phase namely The Divine Book. Highlighting the truth about Muhammad, Isa and our faith. One of the verses mentioned in this 10 episodes documentaries was ''Hear O Israel, The Lord our God, is One God''. Mark -12-6. Also highlighting the shocking discoveries of science which have been proven parallel with our Quran. General Relativity, Embryology. 10th episode, it was about a 'trademark' of creation or design. In which every spiral exists follows the same rule, sequence of Fibonacci's scale. Our ears, abalone, galaxy, and waves.

Second phase. The Arrivals, 50 episodes. The most known part of the series. About Anti-Christ Dajjal. His signs, and his armies. Which later will slowly change one's paradigm. This series has changed many person's faith. A very powerful series. Even the maker didn't expect this series to explode. As a credit, the group later then made a new version, more powerful and authentic, with more advanced video techniques. The Arrivals Reloaded. This series has made its way to the TV satellite. Worldwide. You can download this at youtube. Still unblocked. 10 episodes.

Third phase. To me, the most inspiring series I've ever watched, 20 episodes. This series, I didn't know how to describe it, you just need to watch it yourself. I got friends at DQ, approaching the examination, they suddenly hooked up with the series! Marathon! Haha.

Hope you can watch them all. Let us participate in counter-attacking the campaign. Not by engaging and arguing. But rather by injecting impetus and let the whole world know, who is Muhammad, the name that has been mentioned in Bible, the person who had been prophesied by Buddha and the one who has brought us to Light. Allahumma Salli 'ala Muhammad.

Dah tiga hari skip makan. The only way I could have both my breakfast and lunch is by bawak bekal. If not, I have no time. Di TARC, tak ada makanan halal. Restoran agak dekat. Solat lagi.

Later, I need to rearrange my schedule. Friday, full. It gives me no time to perform my Jumaat prayer.

Allahumma Rabbi yassir. wala tu'assir.

These days, something amazing is happening to me, thanks! Moga Allah permudahkan dan beri kekuatan untuk harungi tempoh ini. Amin.

Salam. See ya!


  1. enta dah mula belajar ke?

    semoga dipermudahkan.

    Ana x tgk habis lagi arrival, insyaAllah, akan buat marathon.. haha.

    Natural sciences in Koran has never be a threat as it is to christianity (karen Armstrong)- well, Kalamullah kan..

    Allahumma solli 'ala muhammad wa ali muhammad, in fact dalam Vedic Scripture pon ada

  2. Allah gives all those challenges to make you stronger.. ryt?

    semoga cekal,tabah,sabar..

    semua nilai ni ada pada our prophet muhammad p.b.u.h..

    salah satu cara yang terbaik utk sampaikan 'who is muhammad actualy is' dengan dakwah bil hal..

  3. Hehe sip. Amek kire skip makan tu mcm diet ah. =D

  4. syazwan - sudah. cuti dua hari je. lepas exam final dq terus cau ke TARC. penat! takpe. ujian.amin..

    insya ALLAH. tgk la the arrivals reloaded...

    ya..kalamullah..Im proud to be a Muslim, dalam berada tgh2 non muslims, there is no problem at all.. nta rasa kan? nta di INTI, lagi international..huhu..

    wah. ada? ni nak hapal ni.kne g revise blk FCR ni..hhaha..

    nidzam - speaking tu..nak masuk matric dah kan..bagi exempted la.. amin..

    iyap/.. macam dalam surah al Qalam, wa innaka la'ala khuluqin 'aziim.. sunnah top, akhlaq yg baik..

    anon - iya.. itu cara die! haha.. no tgh mngurus ni..hehe..


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