Saturday, April 10, 2010

Light and Life [Intro]



Here is another short series, an attempt for me to induce a new perspective and insight, as well as sharpening my poor writing skills. The main reason I choose light as the theme, is because it is near to us, around us and it's always interacting with us. Therefore, we could easily take light as a reminder. No matter where, this creation of Allah will be a simple reminder for us to glorify Allah The light of the heavens and earth.

Hope this could go as well as the cosmological conflicts that I've written in Karim, although some facts were too 'far' from our readers back then, Insya Allah, hope the facts that I will put forth can be used to reflect our lives. This life is short. The question of death, what is death, how does it feel, and what does it look like becomes meaningless when you don't know how to live.

We are at the verge of the end-time, where almost every culture feels a connection with this event. Christian puts it in an 'Armageddon' way, Mayan prophecies described it as '2012' in their calendar, and we have it in our faith, believing in 'Al-Qiamah'. It is one of those 'mega program's that have been set in our mind. In our deep instinct. Still, the nearer we are, the further we are from our true selves. From our purpose of life. From our culture. From our religion. From our nature.

Haven't we realized it yet? We seem to take this world INTO our heart. We do know that this world is a set of illusion, but do we really bear it in our mind? Where almost in every aspect of our life, materialistic philosophy rears its true face. Still, what appears to us as good often be a bad one. In food, clothes, academics, ambitions, even life dreams. Some even have only atheistic dreams although he is a Muslim, Christian or theists. As if God doesn't exist, and he does not include God in his equation of dream. For us, a human, our basic nature altogether is to attain peace. We are not a Nazi, not a Fascist, not a racist. We don't view peace retards human progress. We don't get involve into that kind of things. We want PEACE. We LOVE it. Our heart's longing for the world peace.

As now, it is our duty to spread the message. Let us together leave our bad habits. Force and aggression on people in order to follow the peaceful elements of religions. We want PEACE. We can find the perpetual inner peace that we've been searching for a long time in Islam. Islam itself means ''attaining peace by submitting yourself fully to Allah''.

Insya Allah. I wish to enlighten you few things about light. It's not telling you what I know, but rather sharing what I'm learning. As Ust Hasrizal said, ''Bukan memberi tahu, tapi mencetus mahu'' :)

The world is dying. The Anti-Christ is arriving. The Last War is waiting. Together we stand.


Update - lagi dua minggu nak final. Sama-sama doa untuk ana ya. Syukran.


  1. Bittaifiq wannajah untuk finals ye.

    Ana start selasa nih. *sigh

    by the way, only an illiterate could say that you writing skills is poor.

    I belive it is pour and pure. the former by means of the knowledge and the latter by mean of intention.

    Keep writing, moga terus tsabat =)

  2. syazwan..syukran!

    nta jugak.. em, TOEFL kn?

    hooho..i think mine is poor.. u r much better..far..

    Allah..amin ya rabb!

    Syukran.. Bittaufiq wannajah aidhan laka..

  3. mabruk alaik 30 juzuk sudah berada dlm ingatan nta..


  4. Oh, cahaya. FIZIK : Tidak pernah wujud cahaya hitam~


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