Sunday, January 31, 2010

perspectives me, right and wrong are derived from Quran and Hadith. to them, right and wrong are morally subjective. me, the better the person, the further he stays from bad things in personal context- not in da'wah context. to them, as long as they didnt breach anythng physically its ok. although they forgot they may breach it by heart and feelings. example- if one is in d middle of a conversation, a woman may laugh heartily in frnt of him. to that woman, it may be normal. but to him, that kind of action brings him something sensual. when that happens it is smthng dangerous. may lead to something unhuman. if i am given these two conditions- i choose the former. more efficiency, more respect, and more professional physically and emotionally. u treat woman with full of respect. u stay away from purposeless bussiness because God told u to do so and u are afraid that u might ruin her one day. ur general love and respect to women makes u refrain urself from breaching the hukum. islam is too perfect. 3. to me, i view Islam as a complete way of life. not merely a religion but a way of life. it reconciles science and religion. it respects both components: sunnatullah(science) and syariatullah. i also view science's sister which is syariah is superior than science. why? history had presented to me three phase of islam's development. in the first phase- religion alone can help human out from the miseries of jahiliyah. prophet Muhammad was neither a man of science nor religion. he just embraced his fitrah and acted according it before the QURAN was revealed to him. and thats it, he succeeded in bringing light to human life. the 2nd phase, where umaiyah n abasiyah ruled the world. their contributions to the science are undeniable. science gained its momentum in these ages. still, from ini sejarah kita(isk) i learned that they were defeated implicitly because they started to raise science higher than its sister. 3rd phase. renaissance and enlightenment periods-people started to push christian aside and embraced both humanism and secularism. later they brought a globalized view that stated religion was outdated and did not compatible with science. they forgot to mention that the view was only applicable to christian and not islam. yet- until now many of us are waiting what can science do to mankind without its sister. today's condition shows its potential without religion. to them(1) religion should be separated from our daily life. the place for religion is only in rumah ibadat with its rituals. they claim people have their freedom to choose whether to do something compulsory or not. such notion is only based on nafsu and keinginan diri. while to them(2) science is not a part of islam. those who regard science as a part of islam are to be condemned; an act of blasphemy. this kind of people merely follows tradition heartily and is afraid of change. they understand tradition better than try to digest and ingest His book of signs. to me, i try to live my life as a full time muslim. i will try not to live with excuses. i know God has planned a victorious climax for islam in human history before the time ends. qiamat. and i know all things will be our witnesses; of body. and i want to be honoured in front of my God when they are all supporting me. saying that i took part in uprising of islam. wow. and then heaven. yes, i want to live in a land called paradise. -them in this post refers to different parties. :)


  1. to me, this post is much than good. but need to improve the paragraphing skill.

    well, i'm not good in reading this kind of trunked paragpraphing


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