Thursday, December 17, 2009

Let there be light



It's a new year. Salam Maal Hijrah!

And God said, Let there be light and there was light.
Genesis 1 verse 3. The Holy Bible: King James Version.


It's been a year since. A year of pain, hardship, pressure, joy, happiness and all kinds of emotions you can list. Sometimes a strong typhoon of dilemma swept you away. When you are confused with yourself. Am I really for this? To wield the legendary Book. A book, one and only of its kind that has survived the time test. Sometimes a chain of spiritual lightning struck you. Shocking you and waking you up from a worldly long nap. You regained your strength. But then, a soothing wind blew comfortably, slowing your rate and interrupting your destination. Challenges. You must have something to be sacrificed isn't it? In every action, you have an equal and opposite reaction. That's the law. The Taurat(Torah) and the Injil(Bible) had already been modified. The Bible is still in the process of continuous modification until today. But Quran, it's the only book that will be preserved by The Most High until The Day. And I will be one of its guardian. Insya Allah.

This is my experience. A perspective that I want to share. And together we ponder. Throughout my early teenage life, in every form that I fill in, I always stated "Nasi Goreng Kampung" as my favorite food. Truly, I thought at that time I like NGK. Until I finished my SPM. Weird things happened in my early period at DQ. I started missing my mum's and dad's dishes. Both of them are great cooks. Very. I thought it was normal. So I ordered frequently NGK at the cafe in order to satisfy and alleviate my emotional pain. Strangely, I didn't feel anything. I was still missing them. The first three weeks were very torturous. They kept our handphones, no outside contact. Their physical drill was nothing. Unlike others, it was my emotional conflict that was killing me at that time. I survived. Hehe. The pain went away when my family came. My God, that was one of the happiest moments in my life. It is as if you've been separated when 2012-like disasters happened and suddenly at the end you met them. I ate a LOT that day. And that day, I learnt something. Something that has changed my world view. Allah is a very creative God. Right?

Have you ever listened to "Pandangan Mata" from Hijjaz? On that day, I realized that my favorite food is not NGK, but it's my parents' dishes. Could you believe it? After all these years! I didn't even think to add my parents' dishes into my favorite list years ago. I could not 'see' it. I can't see! After they went, I lost myself in my own imagination, thinking. All these years, I forgot to see it with my heart. Maybe the barakah from Quran cleansed my heart a little, with God's permission. Maybe. I don't know. But what I know, at that day, I learned to see with my heart. It's simple.

My mum cooks kari ayam. If I see it with my physical eyes, I'll know that the curry is attractive. That's it. I'll eat the curry, with my mind saying that this curry is attractive and delicious. The meaning of the curry only reaches its taste. Nothing more nothing less. If I see the curry through my lust or nafsu, I'll see the curry as a dish to be finished by me alone. No one can share it with me. I'll finish it as soon as possible, not letting anyone feels the luring texture of the curry. Through my lust, myself will be sent into paroxysms of greediness and selfishness. If I see with my intellectual eyes, I'll know that this curry is a healthy delicacy. The curry has certain nutrients and vitamins that will enhance my body systems. So, I'll recommend the curry to my friends also. These had been my situations all these years. I see either through one of them or more. Sometimes, I see Maggi and fast foods through my intellectual eyes, that's why I really forbid my family from eating those foods. Because I know well about it. Sometimes, I see fruits through my physical eyes. They are attractive and beautiful. So, I eat them. I've been exchanging lenses but I forgot to see my life with my heart. I guess life would be much more meaningful if I view my life with my heart. I'm not implying my life isn't meaningful, my life is a happy life. Calm and happy. I'm sure. But, can't you see? We can make our life much more meaningful if we learn to see with our heart. That moment, in my own imagination journey, I know, I understand. I see my mum's dishes with my heart. I can see how she cooked the lunch, sparing her money, sacrificing her time, spending her energy, everything. How hard she had tried to make the lunch as best as she could. For her child. For her family. And the space was getting bigger. Now I know why it's so meaningful to me. I saw it with my heart. Our heart can see what others cannot see. A rich guy may see a nasi lemak as a usual breakfast, but to a poor guy, a nasi lemak worth his life. That's the magic of our life. A metaphysical law. We all can see with our heart. It depends on our choice.

It's just like my handphone. I got it from my dad. And I know my dad had sacrificed a LOT to buy that phone for me. Thanks Mama and Baba.

Insya Allah. Let us clean our hearts, and let us view the world with our hearts!! Live your life. Cherish every moment meaningfully. We may do mistakes. But, see it with your heart and you will see a step stone lying ahead of you. Barakallahu fiik. Start this new year with a new view!


  1. people say, you are what you see.. and the way we see, yap it depends in which contemplative basis are going to use..

    nice post h fyi, i love my NGK too, plus a fried egg.. and no doubt, we LOVE or parents' cooking the most=)

  2. mak ku dan mama mu punya jalan yang serupa.mak aku dulu bekas cikgu jugak.memang tak terkata pengorbanan tu kan.hidup mak-mak kita!hidup mak-mak ikhwah!hidup semua mak!AllahuAkbar!

    p/s: tak lupa bapak-bapak.. :)

  3. hidup sume mak bapak!!

  4. syazwan - NGK too?! haha..

    hakim - iya...hidup bakal ibu kepada ikhwah(?) hehe...

    naim - hek enten naim...x muat ni..kecik je space..haha.


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