Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Testing one, two, three

Salam. This is my first try. Ehem. Using a phone. I guess after this when I return home, I do not need to spend hours in front of the monitor just to jot down my flooding ideas. Alhamdulillah, after this I can easily divide my time at home. Between releasing my alleviating rindu to my family, socializing, updating feedbacks from various sites and people I engaged with and gaming.

It is a little bit funny how can I come across this stuff. It all started when I was surfing through my phone, I remembered texting Hanzalah asking about something. Then we discussed about the validity of using this hacked method to get things posted. Ha, suddenly my eyes patched to a three-word phrase. Mail-to-blogger. I still will be charged though. That thing was very intricate. Geram! But Hanzalah, I will continue working on that thing. Good luck for Afiq and Hanzalah. Bismillahi majreha wa mursaha said.

Untuk adikku tersayang Iman, Asif ucap Goodluck! Buat elok-elok PMR! Doa dan tawakal. Iman boleh. Asif yakin Iman boleh!


  1. comel punya abg la ;)

    iman!kak nana pon wish u all da best!insyaALLAH..

  2. gulp. comel ke? mcm x je, lebih kepada hensem. ceh. xdela.

    syukran. she appreciated it.

  3. haha...
    lupa plak yg Iman pn sebaya ngan nawi...
    ckp good luck kat die jgk eh...
    suro die kalahkan abg die nie....

  4. :)
    INsya allah,
    doakan sekali..
    biar batch PMR dan SPM beat record..

  5. bittaufik wannajah juga iman. Dah besar dh budak itu :)

  6. haha.besar sangat ke?


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