Sunday, August 16, 2009

Nice but Flawed...


In FCR phase 2
Alhamdulillah, I have just finished my second phase of 'Friendly Comparative Religion'. Actually it is momentarily a lil bit 'sunyi'. Yes, of course, I don't have anyone to talk to. I mean 'talk'. Not just a mere snap of conversation. Then, I really-really thought that this phase will be just like phase one, which they had provided us a very good bit of facts. Religious facts. Alhamdulillah, phase one was really interesting. But that's it, I'm kind of person that do not tolerate same kind of processes. I really thought, this is going to be a not-too-interesting session.

Suddenly, Wow! The flow went very nicely. Unlike phase one, in this phase we need to have our minds working and working to keep with the pace. What pace? Heh, honestly said, I love philosophy and this phase was almost entirely about philosophy. From christology that have been presented by Brother Engku, wow, very organized. He actually reconstructed the miserable faith of christianity. Not reconstructed it in a way that would bring much 'truth' to the christian, but in a way that both muslims and christians would have a clearer and more crystal image of Christianity.

And then the audience was Wow! I love it. They aren't that kind of 'quiet and obedience' audience, they argued with the presenter authentically, logically, critically and everything positive that has "ally" behind it, kind of adverb. I guess. And they argued until they satisfied. One situation when one of them started to talk about Trinity, and said analogically 'qias'ed to the Trinity was the state of matter of water. Three states exist at the same time, God the Father, God the Son, Holy Spirit. Not three gods, but one God. Actually, if I would jot down just a few arguments of this, I will actually need to subscribe the 8G blog! Hehe. Kidding. At that time, others suggest "Triple point" or critical point. When I heard this term, zapp! My mind stimulated faster, it's Physics! It is a point where water; H20 exists as solid, liquid, and gas at the same time under certain pressure and temperature. He used this as his argument. Three states at the same time. Firstly, brother Engku can't really answer this. He's an engineer, he should know. But at that time, it was so hot. I know if I can just stand up and voice out my opinion, about how we can counter that thing using mole concept. 1 mol of water co-exist as solid, liquid, and gas. The argument is they said the God Father is a complete god, but, Jesus also a complete god, so does Holy Spirit. But they are not three gods, only One God. Look! From the start this analogy does not valid, mathematically and chemically. But, that's it. I just don't dare to interrupt in the heat of that battle. They argued as if they are christians. Respect them for the passions. And alhamdulillah, Brother Shah Kirit solved it. Trinity is a nice concept of God, nicely enough to confuse anyone. Trinity is about three in one, not three gods but one. But, as nice as it seems, it is also a fragile concept. Not like our concept of God, Allah is one and only. Trinity, nice but flawed.

On the way back..
I went there by bike. Using DUKE, Duta-Ulu Kelang said. Such a nice road. Smooth, straight, wide and heavenly happy to ride through it. And then suddenly a rider showed up! As the saying goes "Laju gile!". Memang laju. I almost had my heart stopped beating. Then he 'mencelah-celah' throughout the road, avoiding and slipping and boosting. I said, Wow! He's talented. His reflexes and all kind of things that needed for him to perform such miraculous stunt, is just amazing. I acknowledge that we as young people are really absorbed with speed and velocity. So do I. No need to hide, sometimes I also wish to have that kind of feat. To have the valour. It is only reduced when I bring my family together. Whether with a car or bike. The number of probability suddenly magnified, fear that accidents may happen any time. But, when it comes to me alone, weirdly the probabilistic value shrunk. But when it comes to logic, that sounds foolish. As I kept wondering, a fact came across my mind. Not a factual fact, just a flash of memory. When years ago, I watched TV3. I do not know where they are broadcasting at that moment, but they showed a 'mat rempit' performed a reflex test. Amazingly, his result almost equal to Michael Schumacher. Same test. I started to ponder behind my visor, they are really talented. It is just nice if they have it channelled to the more Islamic ways. It is just our culture, our community and 'urf that rejects them. It is not right. How many tabligh friends I have was actually mat rempits? They WAS. Mat rempits are nice but flawed. The talents themselves, are nice but flawed by humans. That's all. Come on friends! Let's not be them, but make them our friends. Da'wah and Islah.

On my way home yesterday evening, it was raining. Half of my journey. Looking at my bag, I monologued, "Oh no. This is not going to be happened. My bag will not get wet. It can't. It contains books! Books are precious!". Then I sped up. Having my way through in the midst of revenge of the fallen. Heh. Suddenly a Wira 'pecut'. Automatically, I smiled. Heh, a new rival! My adrenaline started to rush in my body, burning my spirit. I sped up more. My body automatically bent forward to have the aerodynamics shape. As the speedometer reached a hundred and more, (I can't say the exact value, my Mum will 'marah' me lovely. She loves me.) I realized that I am trying to kill myself. I'm not gonna fall into the trap. Lust and passion. Rainy, slippy road! Please, have your logic Asif. Early periods of rain made roads slippy. Greases and oils will float before they wash away. Alhamdulillah, I realized. Instantly I slowed down. The passion, it is nice but flawed. By us ourselves.

P/s~ 25 Ogos, Mahkamah dekat Jalan Duta. Keputusan penggunaan nama Allah untuk Kristian. Datang bagi sokongan. Kalau tak dapat datang, lagi baik sokong dari kondem itu ini. Not productive. jadi, siapa free mari lah. Silent and harmony support.

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